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Kickstart This: ABC Disgusting

Swapna Krishna

Staff Writer

Swapna is the Comics Editor at Book Riot. She's a Space Columnist for Paste Magazine and writes for Syfy Wire—Fangrrls,, Bustle, and other sites. She co-hosts a podcast called Desi Geek Girls. You can find her incessant ramblings on Twitter at @skrishna. She lives outside Philadelphia.

The comics crowdfunding world is large and difficult to keep track of; each week, we highlight a few fundraising projects that are worth your time, attention, and maybe your dollars!



(1) ABC Disgusting by Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne, and Simon Bowland

Panels favorite Greg Pak (he’ll be at our in-person event Book Riot Live, November 7-8 in New York! Tickets on sale now!) is back with another Kickstarter. This time, it’s for a children’s book full of disgustingly awesome things. This is the art team behind The Princess Who Saved Herself; I love the diversity behind this book, and the rewards are built such that you can buy a copy of this book for yourself, as well as to give as gifts for your friends!

Recommended pledge: $37 gets you a hardcover of ABC Disgusting and a hardcover of The Princess Who Saved Herself, as well as a digital copy of ABC Disgusting and stickers!

(2) Badass Feminist Coloring Book by Ijeoma Oluo

Adult coloring books are the new thing, and this badass feminist coloring book is just awesome. The rewards seem to be on the expensive side, but the author provides a clear breakdown of costs which make it clear this is very worth it. (We especially love that 1/4 of the proceeds are set aside for the feminists featured.)

Recommended pledge: $25 gets you a copy of the coloring book.

(3) SPECULATE: A comic short story anthology

This short story collection, curated by Drew Ford, aims to publish four times a year, and each issue will have a different theme exploring a genre of comics. I’m a sucker for comic anthologies and collections because they’re a great way to discover up-and-coming and new-to-me authors, so I like this.

Recommended pledge: $10 gets you a digital copy of the first issue.