Critical Linking

Julie Andrews Has Launched a Bookish Podcast for Kids: Critical Linking, May 1, 2020

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Harper Paperbacks.

“The weekly podcast will feature Andrews and Hamilton reading aloud from children’s books, along with music, guest appearances, children talking about new words they’ve learned, and more of Andrews’ favorite things.

‘When I became a parent, I passed the love of reading on to my children,” Andrews said. “My daughter and I have co-authored over 30 books for children and young adults, and our shared passion for the power of storytelling, literacy, and the arts remains fervent.'”

The hills are alive with bookish podcasts (sorry)!

“So it’s worth getting outside of that and immersing yourself in some of the less well-trodden bits of history, or getting a totally fresh perspective on the bits you think you know. You’ve got the entirety of human history to go at, though, so it’s understandable if you’re a bit overwhelmed. So here’s 14 of our favourite history books, to get you started.”

That first paragraph in this piece is such shade! But yes, like I say all the time: there’s so much more to history!

“The Duke of Sussex introduces a new program called ‘Thomas and Friends: The Royal Engine,’ which has a storyline that includes Harry’s father and grandmother, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, as animated characters.

Set when the Prince of Wales was a boy, the story sees the friendly engine taking Sir Topham Hatt, the controller of the railway, to Buckingham Palace to receive an honor.”

Look at Harry, lookin’ all happy & free!