Join Our June Instagram Challenge: #RiotGrams!

Welcome to June, book lovers! In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s finally starting to feel a little warmer and even in places where it’s not, the days are, indeed, getting longer.

Let’s take this month to have a little fun on Instagram, book style.

This is the second #RiotGrams challenge this year, but for those who are joining for the first time or who don’t remember the (very few) guidelines, a recap:

  • We’ve talked a bit about Bookstagram here on Book Riot, and you probably know about our own sweet little Instagram account. Now, we’d like to challenge the awesome readers and community of Book Rioters to take part in a month-long Instagram challenge, hosted by us. If you’ve got an Instagram account, that’s all you need to take part.
  • We’ve come up with 30 prompts to get you thinking about photos and books for the whole month of June. Take these as suggestions — you don’t have to be literal, though if you want to take these prompts very literally, chances are we’ll see some really fun pictures, too.
  • Those who take part can do every prompt, some of the prompts, or just a few that call out to you. Post your pictures with the hashtag #RiotGrams so everyone can see them in one easy place. You can post them any time of day, from anywhere in the world. If you want to take a bunch in one day, go for it. There aren’t strict rules. This is about having fun.
  • As a bonus, or perhaps an incentive, we’ll pick photos from the challenge to feature on our own Instagram account throughout the month. This will be a fun way to think about books, to share favorite reads, and to keep up a powerful community of readers.

We’ll post the full challenge prompt onto our Instagram, as well as leave it here for those who want to refer back. All photos, though, will happen right on Instagram with the #RiotGrams tag.

Here’s the prompt with all 30 of the challenges. Unlike in February, we’re not giving any pro-tips to clarify any of these. Instead, we invite you to use your imagination, get creative, or choose to do something else entirely (of course, we hope you’ll tell us what it is in the caption!).

Prompts with an * behind them are courtesy of our Book Riot Insiders.



Get ready to get ‘gramming. We’ll see you starting tomorrow, June 1, for a month of book love, picture style.