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Jewelry for Fictional Characters

Becky Stone

Staff Writer

Becky Stone loves to read stories about princesses who save themselves and firmly believes that a mug of hot chocolate paired with the right novel can solve almost any problem. Becky recently did that thing where you leave your safe, easy job to try to make money doing what you love, and is now a professional jewelry lover and freelance writer. You can find more of Becky at her blog, Diamonds in the Library, where she writes about both jewelry and books. Twitter: @DiamondsintheLi

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series):

Antique Victorian book locket

For this bad-ass, bushy-haired bookworm, I chose a Victorian era book locket. In the world of my mind where this all takes place, Ron gives this as a gift to Hermione for some special occasion – after he shrinks down a copy of Hogwarts, a History and magically attaches the teeny tiny book inside of the locket’s golden covers.

This piece is from the mid-1880’s and is made of engraved 14k gold and blue enamel. It was sold by Lang Antiques.

Amy Dunne (Gone Girl):

Wendy Brandes Nefertiti Poison Ring Gone Girl‘s scheming femme fatale wouldn’t wear a piece of jewelry unless it served her own purposes. This may appear to be just a bauble, but it actually flips open so that the wearer can conceal some substance – malevolent or benign – within the secret compartment. The catch is easy to undo with the flick of a finger, to allow for easy access while pouring a drink or preparing food. It’s what’s known as a “poison ring.” This one is so pretty, who would suspect it was up to no good?

This ring, by the extremely fabulous Wendy Brandes, features a bright lapis lazuli in 18k gold.

Princess Cimorene (Enchanted Forest Chronicles):

Emerald ivy tiara, Queen Rania of Jordan

This beauty was last seen on Queen Rania of Jordan, but I’m pretty sure that in another dimension it’s one of the crown jewels belonging to the Queen of the Enchanted Forest. I bet you that Cimorene keeps it wrapped up in a handkerchief and neatly cataloged in her treasury when she’s not bullied into dressing up for state occasions.

This unique tiara was created by Solange Azagury-Partridge for Boucheron. It’s made entirely of emeralds set in black gold. Via A Tiara a Day.

Evie O’Neill (The Diviners):

Art Deco camphor glass and diamond pendant

You’ve seen what kind of ice the 1% wore in the 1920’s – what about bling for someone who isn’t among the super rich? This camphor glass, white gold filigree, and diamond pendant would have been right up the uber-trendy Evie’s alley. This particular piece might have been out of Evie’s price range, but I bet she (or her family) could have afforded a sterling silver and paste version. Or maybe Sam could “find” her the real deal?

This antique 14k white gold and diamond camphor glass pendant is currently for sale on eBay.

The White Witch (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe):

Gold pocket watch by Lalique

I’m pretty sure that the ice-hearted scourge of Narnia – the White Witch – never considers herself to be anything other than precisely on time. But if she did feel a need to know the hour, I bet this pocket watch is what she’d want to look at to do it. Given the Witch’s penchant for turning people into statues, one has to wonder if that sea of tortured faces is truly just made of precious metal.

This gold pocket watch is the work of René Lalique, circa 1900. The design was inspired by a Rodin drawing of masks. It is currently listed at Gros & Delettrez.

Which other fictional character’s jewelry would you love to see?


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