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Amazing Jewelry Based On Books You Need In Your Life

What could be better than packed-to-the-gills bookshelves? Wearing jewelry based on books. Whether you’re an everyday wearer of necklaces, bracelets, rings, or pins/brooches, or you prefer to save those accessories for special occasions, having a nice collection of jewelry based on books lets you wear your book nerd badge with pride—quite literally.


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Find below a collection of awesome jewelry based on books ranging from well-loved classics to those which are maybe a little lesser-known. In addition to actual books, I’ve included jewelry featuring the faces of beloved authors, too. Who doesn’t need a set of Kurt Vonnegut earrings?

If the item below is sold out, check the shops they come from. You might find it under another listing or in another style. You might even find more awesome jewelry based on books poking around in each of them.


Jewelry Based On Books

Great Gatsby bowtie necklace, $21. Two necklace color options available.


Victor Hugo Earrings


Need a pair of Victor Hugo earrings? These are $26.


1984 Bracelet


A 1984 bracelet made from the pages of the book, $13.


Haruki Murakami enamel pin


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle enamel pin, inspired by Haruki Murakami’s book, $10.


Maya Angelou necklace


Maya Angelou–inspired necklace with a wishbone, $17.


Joy Luck Club bracelet


Joy Luck Club bracelet made from the pages of the book, $35.


Shakespeare Ring


“Though she be but little, she be fierce” ring inspired by Shakespeare, $58 and up.


Wonder Woman Wrist Cuffs


Channel your power with these Wonder Woman wrist cuffs, $16.


stay gold, ponyboy necklace


“Stay Gold, Ponyboy” necklace, inspired by S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, $10 and up.


Zora Neale Hurston Pin


Their Eyes Were Watching God enamel pin, $11.


The Book Thief bracelet


“She was the girl with a mountain to move” bracelet from The Book Thief, $42.


moby dick necklace


Moby Dick “Call Me Ishmael” necklace, $14.


Lord of the Rings earrings


Lord of the Rings earrings made from quilled paper, $20.


harry potter sorting hat earrings


Hogwarts sorting hat earrings, $9.


Octavia Butler earrings


Don some fabulous Octavia Butler earrings, $13.


James Baldwin Brooch


James Baldwin brooch, $12.


Ray Bradbury quote bracelet


Fahrenheit 451 quote bracelet, $23 and up.


Velveteen Rabbit necklace

Ring this Velveteen Rabbit necklace around your neck, $23.


Kafka's Metamorphosis Pin


Kafka’s Metamorphosis brooch, $14.


a thousand splendid suns earrings


Dangling earrings from the pages of A Thousand Splendid Suns, $12.


Expecto Patronum ring


Expecto Patronum ring from Harry Potter, $11.


Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Bracelet


Pride and Prejudice cuff bracelet for Jane Austen fans, $45.


Les Miserables Paris Necklace


Les Miserables Paris necklace, $21.


eleanor and park enamel pin


Eleanor and Park enamel pin, $9.



Cheshire Cat Earrings


Cheshire Cat earrings from Alice in Wonderland, $15.


Emerson quote bracelet


Sturdy Emerson quote bracelet, $17.50.


Pablo Neruda Quote Locket


Grab your favorite chain and wear this Pablo Neruda quote locket, $28 and up.


Wizard of Oz necklace


How about a Wizard of Oz necklace? $10.


Kurt Vonnegut Earrings


Kurt Vonnegut earrings, $12.


Sherlock Holmes Cuff Bracelet


Sherlock Holmes cuff bracelet, $12.


The Bell Jar necklace


Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar “I am, I am, I am” necklace, $14.


Langston Hughes pendant


Langston Hughes quote pendant for your favorite necklace chain, $15.


Superman earrings


Superman earrings for the superhero/ines out there, $25.


Emily Dickinson quote necklace


“Hope is the thing with feathers” necklace Emily Dickinson quote, $19.


Agatha Christie earrings


Agatha Christie earrings, $19 and up.


Little Women bracelet


A sweet Little Women charm bracelet, $13.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez quote necklace


Gabriel Garcia Marquez quote necklace, $20.


Frankenstein bracelet


“Beware; for I am fearless” Frankenstein quote bracelet, $33 and up.


To Kill A Mockingbird pin


Scout’s ham costume To Kill A Mockingbird enamel pin, $10.


i carry your heart ee cummings bracelet


“i carry your heart” ee cummings bracelet, $18 and up.


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