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J.K. Rowling’s Best Twitter Takedowns

Brandi Bailey

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J.K. Rowling isn’t shy about her politics – in life, in her books, nor on Twitter. This week she has been killing it with responses to the people who have decided to burn their copies of Harry Potter because they have discovered that she’s liberal and dislikes Trump as much as all of us here at Book Riot. I’m not really sure what rock they’ve been hiding under to only just come to this revelation, but that’s beside the point. The point is the J.K. Rowling is the queen of the clap back. Here are some of her greatest troll takedowns, no bogey-covered wand required.

The irony of burning books you already paid for and read is delicious.

I need an ‘Old Whore’ t-shirt and I need it stat.

Her next tweet was: “I love you people. Half my timeline right now is pointing out that Harry Potter never turned anyone into a frog & that Hermione was the nerd.”

She never fails to put someone firmly in their place.

If you don’t have firm feelings about the current administration, you either are smoking the best stuff or… no wait, you’re just privileged. Maybe think about others for once. Or at least share.

Jo knows the rules: If you’re going to offer your unsolicited opinion, at least spellcheck the damn thing.

Rage fills me every time I remember that my nation’s leader is an international problem.

She’s not afraid to call out press for normalizing racists, fascists, and xenophobes. Or more simply, as I like to call them, assholes.

Pale and proud.

It’s a dead on impression of the man who slimed his way to the Oval Office. Not surprised since she nailed evil with Voldemort, already.

Honestly, Rowling has been slaying for years. I only went back to just before the US election for these gems. I don’t follow a ton of celebrities on social media, but she will always be firmly on my follow list.