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J.K. Rowling Has A New Short Story Up About Dumbledore’s Army As Adults!

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.


Pottermore members, grab your hats: J.K. Rowling has posted a new short story in the Daily Prophet about Harry & Co. as mid-thirties grownups. This is the first (and according to Rowling’s people, the last) time Rowling has written about her main characters as adults since the epilogue of the last book in the series.

The short piece is a gossip column from Rita Skeeter, complete with insults about Hermione’s hair, and rounds out Rowling’s recent pieces about the Quidditch World Cup. Read the story here (you’ll need to be a Pottermore member, but signing up is easy).