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Ivanka’s Publisher Lost at Least $220,000 on Her Book: Critical Linking, January 25

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Ivanka Trump’s latest memoir on empowering working women is so far a moneyloser for its publisher, Portfolio, a division of publishing giant Penguin Random House, Forbes has found.


Archaeologists may be one step closer to decoding the mystery of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Researchers from the University of Haifa in Israel have restored and deciphered one of the last untranslated Qumran Scrolls. The collection, which consists of 900 ancient Jewish manuscripts, has been shrouded in controversy since it was unearthed more than 70 years ago.

When do we get a Dan Brown book about this?

This year, among the biggest names to be featured as editors are Roxane Gay (Hunger), who will helm the Short Story collection; Cheryl Strayed (Wild), guest-editing the Travel Writing section; and Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker theater critic Hilton Als, who will oversee the Essays book. In addition, legendary food critic Ruth Reichl will edit the Best American Series’ first-ever book on Food Writing.

The Best American series gets its editors!

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