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10 IT-Themed Items You’ll Want This Autumn

It’s Spooky Season. Skeletons, ghouls, and killer clowns, and giant bags of candy everywhere. I recently listened to Stephen King’s It on audiobook (all 45 hours) and I can’t get It out of my head. I’ve got the 2017 DVD on hold at the library and will probably go see It Chapter Two in the theater soon. Until then, I decided to gather some of the best It themed pieces to fulfill for all your spooky-ooky needs.

Book Cover Purse from Novel Creations

Keep all your daily necessities close at hand with this recycled book handbag. The original It cover art makes for a perfectly eerie accessory. Customize your handbag with hardware and button choices, as a unique gift for a friend or to yourself.

It’s Penny Soy Candle from Courteous Notes

Fill the room with the delicious scent of caramel apples, chestnuts, and cotton candy for a Halloween Carnival atmosphere. Pennywise grins ominously on the label, daring you to light this candle for up to 60 hours of burn time. Choose from 9 oz or 16 oz jars.

It's Penny Soy Candle

Book Cover Earrings from Paper Wicca

Show off your affinity for It with these miniature book earrings, featuring Pennywise’s signature snarling grin. Delicate and handmade, these papercraft earrings are a  lightweight and fun way to add spookiness to your everyday outfits.

IT Earrings

Pennywise Soy Candle from Get Fictional

This candle features notes of the rain that brought little Georgie outside in the first place. Rain, sweet red apples, caramel, and cloves combine to create an eerie blend that recalls Derry in autumn. The label features Pennywise offering a balloon to unsuspecting passersby. Choose from three sizes of candle jars or wax melts.

Pennywise Soy Candle

The IT Crowd T-shirt from Vinny Does T-shirts

Combine your love of horror with your love of geek comedy with this T-shirt, featuring The I.T. Crowd gang. Pixelated Jen, Roy, and Moss don red noses and hold tight to red balloons, while IT is written in dripping, red slashes.

IT Crowd It T-Shirt

Beep Beep Enamel Pin from Pinrageous

“Beep Beep Richie.” Add this cheeky little pin to your denim jacket or pin hoop. Black rimmed glasses with a taped nose bridge surround blood red lettering. Rubber pin backs keep the pin in place to remind Trashmouth when to keep quiet.It Enamel Pin

Pennywise Soy Candle from Witchy Wicks Candle Co

The sweet smell of kettle corn could be enough to lure anyone, but this Pennywise candle also features notes of dried cranberry, red raspberry, and melted butter. Candy pink soy wax is long burning to keep the monsters at bay. Choose from a 12 oz or 16 oz jar.  Pennywise Candle

Losers Club Sweatshirt from Emtizee

Keep warm in this cozy sweatshirt featuring a retro design of Georgie’s paper boat. You’ll be a proud member of the Losers Club with a sweatshirt in your color of choice.Losers Club Sweatshirt

Losers Club Soy Candle from Get Fictional

Summer. Defiance. Triumph. This Losers Club candle smells like kicking evil’s a**, or cinnamon and cloves, wood, patchouli, and orange. Choose from three sizes or wax melts.

Losers Club Candle

Map of Derry Print from Cinemascope

Know where It is at all times with this perfectly detailed map, showing all the important locations in Derry. Details provided by Mike Hanlon. Add this print to your home for an unexpected conversation piece. Derry Map Print

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