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Industrial Bookshelves and Bookends To Make a Rustic Reading Nook

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Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books at the Lesbrary. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

The industrial style aesthetic is inspired by warehouses that were converted into lofts, made popular in the late 2000s. It’s usually associated with raw materials (like exposed bricks and piping), open space, neutral colors, and metal finishings. There’s some overlap with shabby chic and the farmhouse aesthetic.

There are lots of shelving strategies that utilize an industrial aesthetic, whether you want a home library that matches the rest of your decor or you want these shelves to add some visual interest to a more neutral home layout. Weathered wood is associated with this look, but I didn’t want to stray too far into farmhouse territory, so these shelves have a metal — and especially metal piping — element.

There are industrial bookshelves options here to house the bulk of a home library or just a few books tucked into a corner. I also found a few different options that incorporate a lamp or reading light to make it multifunctional. These Edison bulbs are sure to be eye-catching, so you can store your conversation starter books with them!

Let’s start with the larger bookcases, and then get into the smaller shelves and bookends. No matter what space you have available, you’ll be able to find at least one to match!

Industrial Bookshelves

Industrial bookcase

Starting with the heavy hitters, this industrial bookcase is available in 4–6 shelf versions with a choice of finish. $428–601

4 shelf industrial wall shelves

Or you can go with this wall shelf, available in 3 or 4 shelves 80 or 100 cm long, with a variety of shelf colors to choose from. $317–499

four floating industrial shelves

If you have a smaller amount of books to show off, you might want to go with this 4-shelf system connected with piping. $279

3 shelf industrial wall shelves

Or there’s this three shelf industrial bookshelf, available in symmetrical or asymmetrical versions. $189–196

iron pipe connecting 2 wooden shelves

This two shelf version adds to the industrial look with valves and a pressure gauge. Available in a variety of woods and finishes from 20″ to 25″. $205–250

pipe bookshelf

If you have a small amount of books to put on it, you can skip the wood plank entirely and get this pipe bookshelf! $42

wall hanging pipe bookshelf

This industrial pipe bookshelf can fit quite a few books in a small space! $100

large iron pipe wall bookshelf

On the other hand, if you’ve got some wall space to cover, get this large iron pipe wall shelf instead! $135

handmade industrial lamp and shelves

This shelf has lighting built in! It’s a custom piece, available with 2–3 shelves and 1–2 lights with a variety of finishes. $382

bookshelf with lamp

Or you can get this simpler one shelf version. The pipe can be black, gold, or silver-colored. $180

industrial floor lamp with bookshelf

This one is a lamp first, bookshelf second — perfect for keeping your immediate TBR on. $155

Industrial Bookends

pipe bookend with edison light

Continuing with the light bulb theme, these are wooden bookends with an Edison lightbulb on one end and a pipe on the other end. $53–68

pipe figure desk lamp

One last reading lamp! This one is a pipe figure with a lightbulb head made to rest on your TBR stack. $90

industrial pipe fitting bookends

These bookends are made from brass pipe fittings. $55

vintage pipe bookends

There are a lot of versions of pipe bookends available! This is a vintage pair. $50

industrial cast bookends

These industrial cast bookends are also available in black. $40

Industrial Sculptural Bookends

Here are some black industrial sculptural bookends. $85

There are a few different options for bookends made from old train tracks! This pair is $65