Quiz: What Indie Romance Novel Should You Read Next?

Ready to take an Indie Romance Quiz to find your next romantic read? I hope so…otherwise, why did you click on this link!? Whether you are a romance reading veteran or just discovering the genre, these questions will tell you what page-turning happily ever after to pick up next. Self-published and indie writers make up such a large part of the romance writing community. Supporting indie novels is great because more of the money goes directly to the writer. Self-published authors are also a diverse group, more likely to have identities that have been underrepresented by bigger, traditional publishing houses. Another nice thing about indie romances is that once you find your favorite indie authors, their books tend to come out at a faster rate because they aren’t subject to the almost glacial timelines of larger publishers.

Despite these many benefits, it can be daunting to know where to start if you want to read an indie romance. There are just so many of them out there. And indie fiction doesn’t receive the same amount of attention from reviewers, which makes it even harder wade through the high number of self-published romances online. Hence this indie romance quiz! Answer the next ten questions about your reading preferences and what you are in the mood for and the quiz will give you a recommendation for your next indie romance read.

Whether it’s an atmospheric and moody historical romance, a slow burn sports themed marriage of convenience, or a hysterical family wedding rom com (yes those are all possible results from this quiz) I hope you enjoy your foray into the world of indie romance!

Indie Romance Quiz

I hope you’re excited about your result—if not, try taking the quiz again or look for romantic reading inspiration by reading: