Critical Linking

If Social Media Platforms Were More Like Libraries: Critical Linking, August 29, 2019

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“The Web has long been described as the Library 2.0, a digital reincarnation of the knowledge centers that have long propelled society. Yet libraries are based upon the concepts of curation and gatekeeping. A tinfoil conspiracy theorist won’t have their self-published book of magical medical cures on the same shelf as a reference work from the Mayo Clinic. Fiction books are shelved in an entirely different place than non-fiction. Reference works are separated from opinion pieces.

Social media eliminates all of these distinctions, mashing anything and everything together without any ability to tell fact from fiction, evidence from opinion.”

What if social media was run more like a library?

“In popular culture, teachers are so often presented in an almost mythic way. We are martyrs; perfect people who would teach for free. This canard devalues the art of teaching—and does little to recruit the next generation. We are stereotyped for our worst moments, and therefore used as political cudgels. In reality, high school teaching is a complex, difficult profession that can have authentic rewards. We should treat teachers like they matter, and we should pay them like they matter. That’s how you attract and retain the best teachers—and how you best serve kids.”

High school English teachers: you da the real MVP.

“This year’s Emmy Awards is filled with contenders hoping to win that coveted trophy. Though many led to binge-worthy sessions from TV viewers, on the other hand, readers saw well-known stories fly from the bookshelves onto the small screen.

Whether taking on Gillian Flynn’s dark mystery surrounding the disappearance of two young girls while following the secret past of troubled detective Camille to tackling the mysterious circumstances behind a historical nuclear disaster that could only be portrayed through real-life accounts shared in books, it can be questioned whether this year’s race revolves around the best in TV versus who achieved the best book adaptations.”

I can never quite keep up with the Guess Which Hit TV Shows Are Based On Books game, but this helps!

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