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If Romance Novels Have Taught Me Anything… (A Tweet Round Up)

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Mikkaka Overstreet

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If you spend much time on that infamous bird app, you know that despite its flaws, you can count on Twitter for a good laugh. I remember crying laughing when Black Twitter made fun of the idea that the COVID vaccine was going to stop Black people from developing superpowers.

Likewise, Book Twitter has had its share of true gems. Earlier this summer, bookish users explained why they would be deleting their dating apps. The trend was to say you’d rather meet someone the old fashioned way (insert witty romance novel anecdote). (My personal fave was “he loves me most ardently, I could never be prevailed upon to marry him.”)

Well, friends, Twitter is at it again. This time, users are sharing what they’ve learned from romance novels. Enjoy laughing at this compilation of the top tweets, while also possibly getting some great book recommendations.

If Romance Novels Have Taught Me Anything

Most of these Tweets quote others, so you can get a 2 for 1 laugh! For example, you know what happens when you start fake dating a man AND how said man will smell.

Of course, should you end up traveling with a potential love interest, you have to be prepared for the inevitable. Furthermore, be careful when taking on new jobs. Otherwise, you might end up in KJ Charles’s Slippery Creatures.

Are you around a potential love interest in winter? You’d better check your weather app.

Do you have a rich relative? Well, they definitely have ulterior motives when they leave you property.

That gorgeous neighbor will wear plaid and notice your beauty when you’re busy appreciating some charming view.

Also, if only we could go back to Regency England, we’d surely be well married.

Although we’d have to meet the criteria first.

And, of course, we must all be ready for THIS moment. (Hopefully the moment isn’t with our new boss.)

If you’re looking into their eyes when they tuck that hair behind your ear, watch out!

Be careful, though. These lovers don’t need close proximity to woo you.

Those crossed arms WILL feature rolled up sleeves.

If noblemen, rugged small town types, or people amenable to fake dating for mutual gain don’t catch your fancy, don’t worry. Here’s one for fans of Twilight and other books about the hot and undead.

Finally, just because you’re not looking for love doesn’t mean it won’t find you.

What have romance novels taught you?