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Hygge Home Goods for Bibliophiles

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It's wintertime, and there's nothing better to do during this season than hunker down and enjoy some hygge. What exactly is hygge? In its most basic form, hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes that wonderful coziness that's so yummy during the long, dark times of the year.

According to Visit Denmark, "hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people." What better way to achieve this than with a good book?

Of course, if you're going to read, you may need some snuggle assistance or cozy facilitation. In other words, some stuff to help you get your hygge on.

Hygge gear for bibliophiles, that is.

Whether you're looking for blankets and pillows, tea and chocolates, or candles and mood lighting, this list has it all. I've scoured the interwebs for some bookish home goods to help you hunker down with your latest read and while away those long, dark nights. Or the coming summer nights — who says hygge can only be found during the wintertime?

And remember, a big part of hygge is the company of others. You can certainly enjoy the items on this list by yourself, but why not share that chocolate with a bibliophile friend or light that candle for your book club?

customized LED book lights

Brighten your space with these fun customized LED book lights ($23+). They make great nightlights, too.

bath caddy with custom book holder

Make your soak safe for your book with this bath caddy with custom book holder ($65+).

book soaps

Enhance your bookish bath with some adorable book soaps ($12). Or hand them out to your friends as a little gift.

Feeling chilly? Hunker down with this cute book-print heating pad ($16.50).

book-themed candle

Light a book-themed candle (starting at $9) to make your space smell bookishly delicious. Choose from classy scents like Reading By the Fire, Old Books, or Library…or get adventurous and opt for Winter in Narnia, Lost in the Stacks, or Over the Rainbow.

black tea by Novel Teas

Enjoy some black tea by Novel Teas ($14). That's right, teas made especially for bibliophiles!

"F*ck Off, I'm Reading" coffee mug

You've gotta have a mug to steep your tea in, and why not go with this pretty and cheeky "Fuck Off, I'm Reading" mug ($14)?

tumbler with picture of stack of books

Of course, for those who prefer a stiffer drink, there's this svelte stack of books tumbler ($15+).

book-themed chocolate bars

Round out your tea (or whiskey, as the case may be) with these book-themed candy bars ($21+).

"Book Nerd" sweatshirt

Snuggle up in this cozy Book Nerd sweatshirt ($11+). It's the perfect companion to a good book!

library card blanket

Alternately, get cozy under this nostalgic library card blanket ($52).

"So Many Books, So Little Time" book pillow

And whether you're getting your hygge fix at home or out in the world, this handy-dandy reading pillow ($39) is a great way to carry your book and a squishy reading pillow with you.

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