Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: Library Edition

As Hurricane (now Tropical Storm) Harvey continues to impact Texas with unprecedented flooding, Americans across the nation are left wondering how they can provide support for those affected by the storm.

There are many places to send donations and aid, and here at Book Riot, our eyes are especially tuned in to bookish efforts.

To that end, The Texas Library Association provides a Disaster Relief Fund to support libraries damaged in disasters like this one. The fund provides grants to assist affected libraries in their recovery efforts. Not only will this help replace books, but it will also help those libraries continue their important work of connecting people to a variety of resources that might help in recovery efforts. For instance, the Texas Library Association website provides a helpful link to other Disaster Relief Resources.

You can donate directly to the relief fund via this link, or you can purchase a TLA coloring book, the proceeds of which go towards the fund.

For further information about The Texas Library Association Disaster Relief Fund and how to donate, see their post about these efforts.

Thanks to Twitter user @radicalibrarian for bringing this to our attention.