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4 Tips on How to Pack Books for Vacation

Simone Jung

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I’m a mood reader. What this means is that I read whatever my heart desires at that moment. It could mean running to the library to pick up the next book in a series or reading something that’s been sitting on my shelf for years. It’s very whimsical in my mind, but it does have its drawbacks. One in particular is choosing what to read on vacation.

4 Tips on How to Pack Books for Vacation

I could be going on vacation for two days or two weeks, but every time I do I always tend to overpack my books. Sometimes it looks like I have more books than pairs of underwear! But after years of packing books for every mood I’m in, I’ve finally put together some tips you can use to pack all your favorite reads and still have room for your shoes.

Use that Carry-On or Personal Item Space

Whenever I travel, I always pack both a carry-on and a personal item. My carry-on is usually a duffle if I don’t plan on checking luggage and my personal item is always my backpack. With those two, you’re able to fit more books without having to sacrifice the space in your suitcase. I also like to pack a couple of tote bags in my suitcase in case I buy more books on vacation. It’s happened a few times and the tote bags have been a life saver.

Pack with Intention

If you’re like me, then your vacations may be a lot more fun-packed adventures than just sitting around the pool all day. I know that I want to spend all afternoon sunning on a beach, but my husband loves to walk and explore a new city. If you and your family love to be out and about all day long, then your time with books may be cut shorter. If that’s the case, pack with intention.

Think about whether or not the books you want to bring are actually going to get read. This is a tough one for any reader because we have all the best intentions when packing those books. But sometimes it just takes a little honesty with the way you like to read. You may see that one book is enough to get you through that slog on the plane, but perhaps you will sit by the pool all day.

Know your Genres

This is probably the most important tip for packing. While you may be into a ton of different genres, know which ones you typically find yourself reading on vacation. For me, I can only read contemporary romance. I’ve tried reading epic fantasies and thrillers, but I’m never fully invested in those stories. However, I think it’s the vibe of contemporary romances that make me feel like my brain is taking a vacation.

But knowing what genres you tend to lean towards while on vacay will help to make the choices on what to pack easier. After all, there’s no bigger guilt than the guilt of bringing a Stephen King novel and not reading it.

Invest in an ereader

After the many years of traveling I’ve done for work, I invested in a Kindle. A Kindle or ereader is probably the easiest way to keep a library of books on you while you’re on the go. You can also download different apps to your phone with minimal monthly fees to get whatever books you need right to your device.

And if you’re a traveler for work or you go on a ton of fabulous vacations, then this might be the best option for you. The best part is that it may connect with your local library so you can download more books without having to pay extra. So whether I’m in the mood for a little romance or stressed enough to read a thriller, I’ll always have something on me no matter where I am.