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Horror-Inspired Socks to Warm Your Feet

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Halloween is upon us, and although it’ll be enjoyed a little differently this year, that doesn’t mean we won’t find other ways to satisfy our craving to be spooked. Keep the horrors in the house this October and warm your cold, soulless feet with these horror socks inspired by villains and monstrosities sprung from your favorite horror movies adapted from novels and, in one case, a poem.

The Shining Twins: Do allow the twins to follow you into every room you go. All they want to do is play with you, after all.

The Shining twins Stephen King socks

The Exorcist: Let Regan, excuse me, Captain Howdy, possess your feet so the fires of hell can warm them.

The Exorcist William Peter Blatty Horror Socks

Jaws: It’s just a little Great White Shark chomping at your toes, no big deal. You won’t even feel it.

Frankenstein: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is looking pretty relaxed and chill on those socks (his bride, not so much). You could be, too, once you put these blood splattered beauties on your feet.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Horror Socks

Pennywise: What a nice pair of socks. Don’t you want ’em? Go on. Take ’em. We all float down here. When you wear these socks, you’ll float, too!

Pennywise It Stephen King Horror Socks

Pinhead: You solved that puzzle box, didn’t you? You shouldn’t have done that. Now this guy is here and he really doesn’t seem like he’ll be leaving anytime soon.

Pinhead Hellraiser Horror Socks

Amityville Horror: It’s not a bad house, really. See how cozy it looks! You definitely won’t have murderous thoughts here.

Cujo: He’s a good boy, you know. He will totally protect your feet. Just maybe stay in the car if a rabid bat happens to bite him.

Cujo Stephen King Horror Socks

Dracula: Go on. Invite him in and let him warm your feet. He only wanted to come over for dinner, isn’t that nice?

Dracula Bram Stoker Horror Movie

The Ring: These ankle socks are the perfect addition to your sock collection. Just please ignore the VHS tape that comes with purchase. It is not worth finding a VHS player to watch it.

The Ring Koji Suzuki Horror Socks

Oogie Boogie: Nothing says comfort like encasing your feet in a big bag of bugs that calls himself the Boogeyman, and is also pretty darn good at gambling. Err, the bugs are good at gambling. I guess. (If you didn’t know, The Nightmare Before Christmas was based off a poem Tim Burton wrote when he was a Disney animator!)

The Boogeyman Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Socks

Carrie: When you wear these socks, please remember that bullying is bad, and dropping a bucket of pig’s blood on top of a girl’s head at her prom leads to absolutely disastrous consequences for everyone involved.

Carrie Stephen King Horror Socks

A Clockwork Orange: Enjoy these colorful, dapper socks, and try not to think too hard on the monstrosities Alex and his friends afflicted on other people before our pal Alex got caught and put through some behavior modification.

Alex A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess Horror Socks

Silence of the Lambs: It puts the socks on its feet, or else it gets the hose again. Just kidding, you can wear these socks, and you won’t be thrown down a well for it.

Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris Horror Socks

Monkey Shines: Take these adorable monkey socks home, and never mind the fits of jealous rage that the monkey tends to fly into on a whim. It’s fine. Just keep her away from birds and, uh, all other people.

Monkey Shines Michael Stewart Horror Socks