Here’s What New Horror Novel You Should Read Based On Your Horror Movie Opinions

Emily Martin

Contributing Editor

Emily has a PhD in English from the University of Southern Mississippi, MS, and she has an MFA in Creative Writing from GCSU in Milledgeville, GA, home of Flannery O’Connor. She spends her free time reading, watching horror movies and musicals, cuddling cats, Instagramming pictures of cats, and blogging/podcasting about books with the ladies over at #BookSquadGoals (www.booksquadgoals.com). She can be reached at emily.ecm@gmail.com.

This horror novel quiz is sponsored by The Dark Angel by Elly Griffiths.

In the tenth Ruth Galloway mystery, Ruth is invited to the Italian countryside to help identify bones found in the tiny hilltop town of Fontana Liri. Upon arriving, she senses the townspeople are dancing around a deeply buried secret. But how could that be connected to the ancient remains she’s been studying?

Ruth is just beginning to get her footing in the dig when she’s thrown off-guard by the appearance of DCI Nelson. And when Ruth’s findings lead them to a modern-day murder, their holidays are both turned upside down, and they race to find out what darkness is lurking in this seemingly picturesque town.

The best thing to do after a spooky Halloween horror movie marathon? Curl up in bed with a horror novel and keep the frights coming, of course. Now all you need is a horror novel that will get your heart racing the way your favorite scary movie does. Take this quiz to find out what new horror novel release you should pick up next.

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