Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Candy and Get a Horror Recommendation

Whenever September hits, I think we all collectively embrace Halloween already. Dressing up, going trick-or-treating, or watching scary movies, these are amazing activities to do during Halloween. They might give you cavities or nightmares, or both, but Halloween also gives you really fun moments to remember.

Trick or treating has always been my favorite thing to do during Halloween. Especially in Mexico because they always give you candy that your parents don’t usually buy you because “too much sugar”, “it has a lot of chili”, etc. My little pumpkin bag returned home very full! I used to love counting my candies and organizing them after I came home — I realize now this was such a Virgo thing to do and so on brand for me. And after sorting out every single piece of candy, my next step was eating them all.

It’s possible that trick-or-treating is cancelled this year because of COVID-19, so I came up with a perfect alternative, with book recommendations!

Get Those Horror Recommendations!

Because Halloween goes hand-in-hand with horror, why not pick out your favorite candy in this quiz to get a horror book recommendation? I’m not going to make it easy on you, though! Picking out your favorites is going to be like picking your favorite book (and we know that’s not possible).

Fair warning: each book recommendation in this quiz is going to give you nightmares regardless of which candies you pick out. They are the type of books you will have to close for a moment to collect your thoughts.

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