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12 Home Library Ideas And Trends We Loved In 2019

Emily Stochl

Staff Writer

Emily is a proud Midwesterner, living in Iowa. Reading literary fiction has always been her favorite. She also enjoys yoga and tending to her hundreds of houseplants -- you might say Emily is a bit “crunchy granola." She is the producer and host of a podcast about vintage and second-hand style, called Pre-Loved Podcast. She’s really into sustainability, and old things! IG: @emilymstochl

Who doesn’t love looking at dreamy home library decor ideas on Instagram and Pinterest? They’re eye candy for book lovers. Even if you’re working on a tight budget, or with a small space, you’ll be able to pull design ideas from these stunning home library ideas and trends from 2019 to use in your own space.

1. Bright and White Interiors

One of the most classic home library ideas? Bright, white decor always looks great with loads of colorful books.

2. Plant Covered Bookshelves

This is my personal favorite bookshelf design technique—I just think books look better with plants! Trailing plants, like pothos, are especially easy to place on top of a bookshelf for a big impact.

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Books = time + space + money. And these are all ones that have made the cut for my shelves. • It may seem incredibly utilitarian to judge books based on that equation. But the longer I work through my shelves on #theunreadshelfproject2019 , the more I realize that a book needs to check off on all three parts of that equation. I don’t want books on my shelves that were only a good deal, if they aren’t also worth the mental & physical space they’ll take up and the time needed to actually read them. • Most books are a mystery to me, and I need to read them to figure it out. Others are a no-brainer – they are an automatic in or out, based on author or content. • When I’m considering adding another book (whether read or unread) to my home library, I think about whether they are worth my time, money and space. And it’s definitely been helpful! • How do you decide if books are worth your time, money and space?

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3. Books in the Fireplace

For one of the most creative home library ideas, if you want to dress up your fireplace and mantle, just fill them with books!

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My favorite view. The first day we moved into this apartment two years ago I repainted the white walls dark grey. When I woke up the next morning I was amazed how beautiful everything looked against that moody grey background 🖤 Greens were highlighted, whites seemed muted and bright colors of my paintings looked even more vivid. . . . . . #urbanjunglebloggers #houseplantclub #plantsmakepeoplehappy #apartmenttherapy #livingwithplants #natureinthehome #plantgang #plantfamily #greenhome #leaflove #howyouhome #kinfolkhome #mycovetedhome #plantparenthood #interior4inspo #interior4all #currentdesignsituation #cozyhome #interior2you #interiorforall #interior444 #anthuriumclarinervium #interiorblink

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4. Ladder Shelf

A ladder shelf is a great option for a small corner where a larger bookshelf will not fit.

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✨what was your weekend highlight?✨⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Mine were deciding last minute to skip plans on friday night in favor of staying in and watching harry potter (sometimes you just have to⚡), going to see a play on saturday with my dad and stepmom, and having time to finish up ON EARTH WE'RE BRIEFLY GORGEOUS ☺️⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ your turn! 👇⁠⠀ •⁠⠀⁠⠀ •⁠⠀⁠⠀ •⁠⠀⁠⠀ •⁠⠀⁠⠀ •⁠⠀⁠⠀ #smallspacesquad #theeverygirlathome #hyggehome #apartmentherapy #howihome #pocketofmyhome #storyofmyhome #cornerofmyhome #bookshelfdecor #bookshelfstyling #shelfiedecor #readingcorner #booksaremagic #readingspot #booksonbooks #booknookstagram #readerlife #coolgirlsread #hyggehomedecor #hyggelife #interiormilk #cozymoments #slowandsimpledays #cozyautumn #slowlivingforlife #simpleandstill #smallmomentsofcalm #bookster #bookaesthetic

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5. Art on the Bookshelves

I love how these bookshelves look with large, statement works of art  displayed on them for extra visual interest.

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I’d quite like to do a ‘how one room leads in to another shot’ as I always like to have a nose on Insta about how the separate rooms fit together and flow. But I’ve got a sodding huge concrete lintel between these rooms where the original wooden floorboards in the dining room end and the cheapo laminate over a concrete floor in the library room starts. So my cunning plan is to have a go at painting the laminate floor the same colour as the dining room. Apparently it’s doable according to the Utube Gods 👍🏻Question is, do I leave the concrete in the hope it will look edgy or do I cover it up with a wooden ‘lid’ as in reality it’s just going to look a bit shit? 🤔😅 (Gifted items – stool @cultfurniture and cushion @tindesign but you know that already as they’re practically in every post 😉) #homelibrary #homelibrarygoals #bookshelves #bookshelvesofinstagram #lovetoread #lovepink💗 #paintedfurniture #colourfilledlife #colourmyhome #vintageart #howivintage #styleithappy #pocketofmyhome #dslooking #1930shouse #midcenturystyle #myeclectichome #interiors2you #interiorstyling #interiorstruly #interiorsblogger #artoninstagram #mybristolhome #interiordecorating #interior_and_home #interiores #interieurs #hyggehome

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The frequency of my posting has decreased a bit lately. You may have noticed. You probably haven't. Much of that is because progress is slooooow (although I did move, and fill my bookcase in preparation for when the wall in the living room comes down so that's pretty fucking spesh🙌) but also…oh I dunno, I'm growing less attatched to instagram and more mindful maybe. Nothing to do with my followers or the human part. No. You're still rad AF. It's more the platform itself. It irks me? It just feels utterly ridiculous sometimes and I wonder what I'm doing here. There are thousands of feeds, all vying at some level, for your/ my attention. I'm not sure it's always very healthy or even right. It's a bit….er….vacuous?…. I guess. I'm probably offending zillions of people here who love it and need it but I'm wondering, is it really me? Is it really who I am? I show off my home. At some level, I feed into the whole consumerist obsessed modern lifestyle. I do stuff on here and usually feel very silly afterwards. I feel daft. It feels a bit hollow. I feel like an outsider. I like being creative but there's a bit of it that feels a bit dark. Maybe I'd be better doing a blog. Maybe it's the showiness of the visual bit. Maybe I just fuck it off entirely. Maybe I just need a good sleep. Fuck knows🤷‍♀️ . . . . #darkdecor #darkinteriors #darkbohostyle #mydarkinterior #livingroomdecor #livingroominspiration #darkinteriorlovers #blackdecor #blackwalls #hudsonblackpaint #abigailahern #myperiodhomestyle #originalinteriors #howivintage #vintagemeetsmodern #myvintageabode #ecclecticdecor #fleamarketstyledecor #bookcasestyling #bookcasedecor #coolinteriorfave #interior_delux #apartmenttherapy #fauxbotanicals #periodfeatures #persianrug #myeclectichome #interiorstyling #myspaceanddecor #nestandthrive

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6. Books in a Drawer

Say you’re dealing with a tiny space and a big book collection? Try under the bed storage, or drawer storage for your home library!

7. Displaying Collections

If you’re a collector, you can display whole collections together for a major impact.

8. Books Piled on the Floor

Few home library ideas and designs look as bohemian and chic as mountains of books piled on the floor.

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So let’s talk the #goodreads choice awards because i am piiiiiiiiissed. . This year all the categories *i read* are a complete hot frustrating mess. For starters books have been put into the wrong category – like #DaisyJonesAndTheSix which should be the queen of the fiction category. Or Verity like HA. HAAAA. Pardon me? Then the Fantasy category is swamped by third and fourth instalments of series when plenty – PLENTY – of debut authors have put amazing and great books out there this year. This may be just me, but having the same 5 authors be there year after year with their bestseller series is really that fair? Food for thought. To top that up, the romance category is simply disheartening. It’s really hard for indie authors to make it there – or to any list – and having read more than half of the books in that pre-selection and having seen for myself that even if they are good books, they are certainly not AMAZING books, well you can say it just makes my blood boil a tiny bit. And let’s not talk about how Verity by Colleen Hoover is there. Like 1) not romance and 2) do we really need a coho book every year THERE? And finally, the cherry on top is how in the debut category authors of ALL genres are thrown together. So really, how does that even make any sense. Not to mention, there are *no* YA/NA books there except for Red, White and Royal Blue, which btw is in the romance category. Which incidentally, makes me think about the fact we don’t even have a NEW ADULT category there. And tick tock @goodreads. How about that? . Anyway. GUYS, put in your fave books. ENTER THOSE TITLES. Because clearly, goodreads’ algorithm is a hot mess. . Thank you for coming to my Wednesday rant. Have a good day. . #bookster #bibliophile #bedroominspo #bookstagram #vscoreads #read #vsco #mybeigelife #roominspiration #bookstack

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9. Books Piled Up to the Ceiling

Make the most of your shelf space and stack books on the tops of the shelves, too!

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Books on books on books 📚✨

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10. Built-in or Custom Bookshelves

Some home libraries are shaped in such a way that built-in or custom bookshelves that fit that specific space are the best option.

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Friday for Robyn = working from home. At this little desk. With this half-upholsterered chair. But not for much longer. Project workplace is underway but my endless trawl has made one thing abundantly clear – there's not much out there designed for people working from home that actually looks good. So hit me up if you see any excellent at-home work accessories cos I'm mainly drawing blanks? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . #onmyshelf #shelfie #vintagedesk #schooldesk #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookporn #maximalism #eclecticdecor #howihome #howwedwell #apartmentgoals #decorideas #myeclectichome #inspohome #apartmenttherapy #ebayeverything #interiorlovers #topstylefiles #interiordesire #interiorforinspo #homedetails #interiorstylist #houseenvy #ihavethisthingwithcolour #myhomevibe #myhousebeautiful #ebayfind

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||Dia nacional do livro . . 📚Feliz dia nacional do livro para nos, leitores, para todos os escritores, livrarias e sebos, editoras e a todas pessoas que ajudam essas lindezas a ficarem prontas e chegarem a nossas mãos enchendo nossa alma de prazer. . 🔖Como é dia nacional do livro, ou seja: do livro nacional, vou deixar a baixo os melhores livros nacionais que já li. ▪️A maioria foi frutos de parcerias. Porém, contudo, todavia, eu pretendo iniciar um "projeto" de leitura coletiva mensal de clássicos nacionais ou qualquer outro livro nacional. Talvez comece mês que vem ou ano que vem, ainda não sei, porém gostaria de perguntar se vocês acham a ideia legal e se participariam? . Aviso passado, vamos lá: ▫️Perdida, da @carinarissi ▫️O dia em que minha vó me apresentou a morte, do ▫A ordem do faraó, do @escritor_herlon_oliveira ️ ▫️Enigma: O mundo interdito, da @ritacspi.rp ▫Desenhos do tempo, do @peterrossiautor ️▫️Treze, da @fmlpepper . . 🔖Só esse ano comecei a admirar a escrita nacional e me vejo cada vez mais encantada por ela. . . 👧Qual o melhor livro nacional que já leu? O que achou da minha ideia de leitura coletiva de livros nacionais?

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11. Twinkle Lights

No matter what kind of shelf space you’re working with, you can always dress up your bookshelves with a couple darling strings of twinkle lights.

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Happy Friday y’all! I’m not generally a re-reader, but made an exception for RED AT THE BONE. I first read it before pub day via audiobook (thanks @prhaudio @librofm!) , but wanted to read it in print when my library hold finally came in. It was also perfect timing to join in with the @saltwaterreads discussion last weekend as this was their pick for the month. If you’re looking for a way to connect with readers on Instagram and use this platform for engaging and substantive discussions, I highly recommend joining in with buddy reads or online bookclubs. @prose_and_palate and @kourtneysbookshelf curate a wonderful selection of books to discuss, and I’m super excited to read @jamiattenberg’s new book for their collab with @blessyourheartbookclub (@lonestarwords & @thesoutherngirlreads)! Joining in? 😘

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Hi all, hope your week got off to a good start and you’re staying safe from floods? – I’ve been working from home today and managed to get this quick pic at lunchtime of the extra texture I’ve just added to this corner – super fluffy pampas grass from the lovely @daniellelouisedoughty @pavotblueinteriors and dried flowers / seed heads on the shelves. #styletheseasons – – #pampasgrass #shelfie #cosyhome #cozyhomeshots #hygge #shelfiestyling #hyggehome #styledupinterior #walltowallstyle #myinteriorstyletoday #artfullyhomes #myseasonalstyling #smallbizshelfie #myinteriorsquares #dailydecordetail #fairylights #onmyshelf #shelfstyling #interiorstyling #cornerofmyhome #bookshelves #nestandthrive #myhyggehome #naturalhome #modernrustic #modernrusticdecor #mycountryhome #interior4all #driedflowers

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12. Book Cart

Another small space home library options is the versatile library book cart. Find some of the best library carts here.

What are your favorite home library ideas and decor styles? Do you go for a modern, minimal display? Or are you drawn to cozy and colorful? We love looking at your home library photos! Fore more advice on styling your home library, check out other Book Riot posts here and here.