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Holiday Gift Guide for Slackers

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Leah Rachel von Essen

Senior Contributor

Leah Rachel von Essen reviews genre-bending fiction for Booklist, and writes regularly as a senior contributor at Book Riot. Her blog While Reading and Walking has over 10,000 dedicated followers over several social media outlets, including Instagram. She writes passionately about books in translation, chronic illness and bias in healthcare, queer books, twisty SFF, and magical realism and folklore. She was one of a select few bookstagrammers named to NewCity’s Chicago Lit50 in 2022. She is an avid traveler, a passionate fan of women’s basketball and soccer, and a lifelong learner. Twitter: @reading_while

So I’m guessing you’re here because you need a gift pretty quickly. Maybe you’re part of the infamous procrastination nation (no judgment), or maybe you just had an overwhelming December (it’s okay, we’ve all been there).

It’s 11 days or less until Christmas, which yes, is…soon. I can’t guarantee anything (please don’t get mad at me if they don’t arrive on time), but all of the items below should ship with time to delight your favorite book lover. And all 15 things listed below — tote bags, sweatshirts, candles — are awesome gifts that your favorite bookworm will enjoy. This is important: they never have to know how close it all came!

But also, a word of calming reassurance: it will be okay, and if your gift runs late, your people will still love you. Trust me. Take a couple deep breaths with me…okay, now back to the gift-buying rush!

Go pick out some lovely gifts! This list has things for them to wear while reading, things for them to carry books in, things to keep their favorite drinks in, and things to help make their book nooks extra cozy this winter.

Tote Bag Jane Mount gift

“Resistance” Tote Bag ($20): Get them this beautiful Jane Mount illustration on a canvas tote bag to carry their books around in!

Raindrop earrings cropped

Cloud Raindrop Earrings ($28): I own these rainy day earrings, and I love to wear them on stormy days while hidden indoors, reading and cozy.

Hands in gloves holding a book

Writing Gloves ($29): Get them a pair of gorgeous gloves printed with text from their favorite book, and their hands can stay warm while they write or read.

Leather heart bookmark on corner of book

Leather Heart Bookmark ($7): Look at how cute these are!

Mini book necklace

Beautiful Bookish Necklace ($16): This shop has super fast shipping, and produces these beautiful, bookish necklaces featuring one of six book covers — or a custom one, if you send a photo!

Bookish coffee mug

Bookish coffee mug ($10): This “read more boooooooooks” mug is perfect for the bookworm in your life who loves horror, gothic, and all things Halloween.

Woman holding up wine glass

Bookish Wine Glass ($17): Bookmarks are for quitters — real ones read the whole thing in one go! Get this fun, stemless wine glass for your friend who stays up too late reading.

Bookish Nook candle

Wood-wick Candle ($25): A beautiful soy candle with a crackling wooden wick that smells of sandalwood, patchouli, and leather.

Library card scarf on mannequin

Library Card Scarf ($42): Your favorite bookworm, teacher, or librarian will love this cute scarf!

Bookish necklace

Personalized Book Necklace ($36): Could this be any cuter? Just picture this around the neck of your favorite bookworm!

Bookish socks

“F*** Off, I’m Reading” Socks ($14): I have and love these socks! They’re comfy, sassy, and really fun.

Pemberly sweatshirt

Pemberley Sweatshirt ($39): Get your favorite Jane Austen fan a souvenir from Mr. Darcy’s famous home.

Box of postcards

World’s Greatest Bookstores postcards ($20): Get this gorgeous set of postcards featuring Bob Eckstein’s 50 illustrations of fantastic bookstores around the world.

Box of literary gifts

Personal Library Kit ($25): Does your bookish friend lend out their books? If so, they might fall hard for this personal library kit!

Bear Mug warmer

The Cutest Mug/Candle Warmer ($26): Look at this! They have a couple cat design options as well as the bear one. Help keep their coffee warm as they read!

Need more ideas? Check out our 2022 holiday gift guide, and dig into more and more lists of great bookish and literary gifts.