Quiz: Which Hogwarts Professor From Harry Potter Are You?

Alison Doherty

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Does anyone else find the Hogwarts professors from Harry Potter fascinating? From the mystique of the revolving door of Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers to each professor’s idiosyncrasies, I love the way J.K. Rowling makes each Hogwarts professor an important part of the story.

And I love the way J.K. Rowling fully draws out their individual personality traits and quirks. The professors seem to have their own morality systems too, complete with strengths and failures. They aren’t just at Hogwarts to teach young witches and wizards magical skills. They have important life skills to impart to their students (and the books’ readers) as well. This is just one of the many things that sets Harry Potter apart from other school and boarding school books.

I know the books really focus on the students, specifically Harry, which makes sense. While popular among all ages, it is a children’s book. But I would seriously read a seven book series from the perspective of Professor Sprout or Filius Flitwick in a heartbeat. And don’t get me started on my favorite Hogwarts professor, Minerva McGonagall. There are definitely some secrets behind her stern Scottish exterior. I imagine all the professors having interesting backstories, rich personal lives, and wild pathways that lead them to become teachers at Hogwarts. Some of my favorite moments in the Harry Potter books are when we travel to Snape and Dumbledore’s pasts through the scenes in the Pensieve.

But since I can’t make J.K. Rowling write these books, I created a quiz. If you answer the following 11 questions about the books and wizarding world, you will discover which of the Hogwarts professors you are most like. Are you loyal and serious like Severus Snape? Warm and beloved by animals like Rubeus Hagrid? Stern but brilliant like Minerva McGonagall? Or perhaps you are more like one of the other Hogwarts Professors. Take the quiz to find out!

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