Heroic Librarians To The Rescue! Critical Linking, November 14

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There have been brave librarians throughout history; sadly, in many parts of the world, librarians are often called on to stand up for the principles of freedom of expression, while also upholding the dictum of libraries being a place of sanctuary. In 2012, Abdel Kader Haidara – one of the subjects of the 2017 book The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu – helped to smuggle 500,000 manuscripts out of the city, away from Malian Islamists who were threatening to destroy them. Saad Eskander, director of Iraq’s National Library, has tirelessly sheltered and chased books targeted by both Islamists and US forces since 2003. (“I never have a bodyguard because that attracts attention,” he told the Guardian in 2008, adding: “If they want to kill you, they will do it.”) And many librarians were charged with “dangerousness” in Cuba for stocking books classed by Fidel Castro as incendiary – like George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

We found helpers—the librarian kind.

“ ‘Dead body floating …’ ,” Nolan said, referring to the kind of notes Flynn would leave next to the refrigerator or on the coffee table. He had always assumed the Post-its were evidence of something his wife was working on professionally, and not literal evidence, but did we see that article yesterday, about the woman who wrote about how to kill her husband and then was indicted on a charge of killing her husband?

You really do want to read this interview with Gillian Flynn.

As racial tensions permeate politics and pop culture (in films like The Hate U Give, BlackKklansman, and Get Out, to name a few), Fordham’s To Kill a Mockingbird adaptation is as relevant as ever, and it’s not the only one. At a moment when racial, gender, sexual, and religious tensions are at the forefront of American and global politics, several classic books are being reshaped into graphic novels, with their themes of inclusion and tolerance moving to the fore.

Very much here for graphic novel adaptations of classics.

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