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Isn’t It Pretty to Think So?: Hemingway-Inspired Goods

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Ah, Ernest Hemingway. Ya either love him or hate him. I happen to be a lover. His books have been a comfort to me during my darkest days, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Every so often, I check out Etsy for the latest Hemingway-inspired gifts, as if I need more prints and pillows and shirts to let the world know he’s my fave. Perhaps you need them, too.

Hemingway-Inspired Goods on Etsy

Isn’t it pretty to think so? Gosh, I love this line so much. Get this print as an instant download for $6.60.

In case you’ve ever wanted a pendant of Papa from his (very handsome) youth. $10.50.

Or maybe you just really need to wear a T-shirt with the face of your favorite writer on it. $20.

Please admire this piece that sliced up the covers for all of Hemingway’s books and made them into one. Also, please buy it for me, thanks. $17 and up.

Another tee to show off your fave, sans face. $27.

Lovely. Get this print for your home library (or any room of your home, really) for $20.

Hemingway cookie cutters. Because of course. $8.

Show off your favorite book, A Farewell to Arms, with a giant print of the original artwork. $6 and up.

This Hemingway dude speaks the truth. Get it on a mug for $19.70.

Yes, you do need a Write Drunk; Edit Sober bottle opener for $10.

Is this not the most gorgeous print you’ve ever seen? A marlin painted over a page from The Old Man and the Sea. Stunning. $20.

A lovely print with a lovely line from A Moveable Feast. Instant download for $6.

Or no friend as loyal as this pillow. $15.

And make your home smell like Papa with this Hemingway-scented candle. $22.

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