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Heart-Themed Goods: Wear Your Heart on Your Bookmark

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Valentine's Day: that romantic holiday in which we celebrate the execution of St. Valentine. So sweet! The history of using hearts at Valentine's Day is pretty weird too, and a little horny.

But no matter if you think love or orgasms sprout from your heart (I say both — why not?), there's no shortage of heart-shaped things to love this time of year.

In the past, Book Riot has covered a whole heckuva lot of heart and love-related topics from 15 of the Best YA Books with Hearts in the Title to Literary Love Quotes for Your Wedding and even a quiz that promises to tell you Which Literary Lady is Your Soulmate?

But today I'm going to help you find some heart-shaped and heart-inspired bookish items that you can hold in your hands. You know, like you'd hold a beating heart in your hands.

Incidentally, the symbol of the heart in the hands is related to charity, not love, and is thought to have been popularized by the Quakers. It's sort of romantic at first, with the flowers and the love and friendship part, but when you add in the all-seeing eye and a beehive, plus a chain? Then it all starts to seem a little less romantic.

Heart in the Hand

But enough of me, on with the hearts!

Heart-Shaped Bookmarks

Leather Heart Bookmark with "I love you"

The message is short and sweet, printed on high-quality leather. Choose between a variety of colors, pick your font, and write your own message to truly customize this leather heart bookmark. $20

Wire Heart Bookmark

Another personalized option, this wire bookmark includes the name of your choice and a lovely heart on top. You can add an additional shape to the topper, including lotus flowers, arrows, and wine glasses. $10

Beaded Heart Shaped Bookmark with "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

If you like to get your love on with a little Bible action, this short reading from 1 Corinthians makes for a lovely beaded bookmark. $13

3D printed heart shaped bookmark

If simple and sweet is the name of your love game, then this 3D-printed heart bookmark might be what you're looking for. It's available in over a dozen colors and can be purchased affordably in packages of 10. Starting at $3.

Heart-Shaped Page Holders

Wooden Heart Page Holder

If you've ever tried to read a heavy book with one hand while you pet your dog/cat with the other, then you know how handy a page holder can be. This wooden heart page holder is simple and lovely. $7

Glittery Coffee Heart Page Holder

Speaking of holding things in your hand while you read, for those who read with one hand and juggle their coffee with the other, you're welcome! This heart-shaped glittery coffee page holder is fantastic. $9

Flower and Sparkle Page Holder

Here we go - we're really in it deep now with this glittery, flowery, romantic heart-shaped page holder. If you're not excited about the blue or purple, worry not — you have options. $18

Resin Sparkle Book Holder

If you love the sparkles but aren't on board with the flowers, don't worry, you're covered too. This heart-shaped glittery page holder is full of sparkling stars to wish on. $9

Resin heart page holder

I'm a sucker for resin, as you might have noticed. In fact, my husband and my first wedding rings were resin full of pretty flowers. Unfortunately, my husband's ring quickly yellowed and then broke altogether because he's a chef and is constantly sticking his hand in boiling pots of water (these aren't related facts). But! I think resin heart-shaped page holders should be fine unless you only read while underwater in a hot tub. $11

Bookish Apparel With Hearts

a wine-colored CS Lewis Heart T Shirt with text that reads "Courage, dear heart."

A visual and textural heart, plus a reference to an author other people like. That's a bunch of heart-related stuff in this T-shirt! $14+

Heart Shirt with Books Inside and text "Emotionally unavailable"

If your heart belongs to fictional characters — or to yourself — then this emotionally unavailable T-shirt is a great way to let the world know. $28

An off white- colored Anatomical Heart Frankenstein T-Shirt with text "Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful"

Anatomically correct hearts for the win! This is an especially great Mary Shelley hoodie and is available in many colors. $12+

tangerine-colored Books in a heart shape T Shirt

Last, and potentially least, depending on how you like the other items on this list, is this T-shirt with a heart made out of books

So there you have it, plenty of bookish heart-related things to enjoy this Valentine's Day and every other day of the year!