Critical Linking

Have You Seen CAPTAIN MARVEL’S Awesome Retro ’90s Website? Critical Linking, February 12, 2019

Sponsored by How Long ‘Til Black Future Month – the “Dazzling” (NYT) first collection of short stories from three-time Hugo Award winner N. K. Jemisin.

Ahead of the film’s release on March 8, Disney and Marvel have launched a delightfully retro website that looks like it’s straight out of Captain Marvel’s mid-’90s setting. The site’s hosted on, but it looks like the sort of thing you’d find on Angelfire or GeoCities in 1995, complete with rainbow word art, twinkly GIFs, a guest book, and a visitor counter.

This is awesome!

Hundreds of water-soaked library books in eastern Iowa are in a deep-freeze while officials figure out how to save the publications.

The Telegraph-Herald reports the books were damaged Feb. 1 when a pipe burst in the Dubuque County Library’s branch in Asbury. Officials estimate about 10 percent of the branch’s 18,000 books became soaked.

When books get wet, they must be frozen within hours to prevent the growth of mold.

So the next time I drop a book in the pool I need to stick it in the freezer?

Though its official grand opening isn’t for another couple of weeks, The Center for Fiction offered a preview of its new home at 15 Lafayette Avenue (between Rockwell & Ashland Place) Tuesday morning while crews were busy adding finishing touches.

That wall of books!