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Have $1? Here Are 400 Digital Christmas Novels, Carols, And Poems: Critical Linking, November 19

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In 2018, a dollar (less a penny) can net you this anthology of over 400 novels, carols, and poems from the likes of Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, W.B. Yeats, and many more authors you may or may not have heard of. Reviews are light, as this is a fairly new listing, but it is already a #1 new release in Canadian Literature.

I mean if you love Christmas and read ebooks, this sounds like a ridiculously amazing deal.

At last, American readers can get their first glimpse of Ayesha At Last, Uzma Jalaluddin’s highly anticipated romance coming to shelves next summer.

The novel is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in a Muslim community in Toronto. Ayesha is the Lizzie Bennet of the story — a young poet who bristles against her family’s expectations of a young marriage, particularly in light of her flighty cousin Hafsa’s routine rejection of marriage proposals. Ayesha’s world is turned further upside down when she meets Khalid (the Darcy-esque figure of this tale), a smart, handsome man who is exceedingly conservative and judgmental. Khalid’s surprise engagement to Hafsa pushes Ayesha to question everything she believes as she struggles to decide what it is she truly wants out of life and love.

That cover is a BEAUT! And oh, look, you get an excerpt too!

Elementary and Trainspotting star Jonny Lee Miller and Oscar and Grammy-winner Common (The Hate U Give) have been set to star in Nine Lives, the movie adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin’s sci-fi novelette of the same name.
Set on a moon-base for off-world drilling, the darkly comedic story follows two jaded workers whose excitement at the prospect of incoming human company is dashed when they are instead sent ten clones. Shoot is being lined up for next summer.

Just tell us when to make the popcorn!

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