Quiz: Design Your Ultimate Haunted House and Find Your Next Horror Read!

Whenever I narrow down a movie for movie night that features a haunted house, my husband is curious. “Why?” he asks me, as he plops down on the couch, ready to poke holes at it all. Every time I find myself wondering too. Why am I fascinated by this? And why is the haunted house now a sub-genre in the horror genre?

I personally feel the haunted house embodies our worst fear. What if the one place we seek sanctuary in betrays us? What if the place where we spend creating our life takes a life of its own? As humans we like to suffer more in our imaginations than in reality, so we cannot get enough of imagining the what ifs of a potentially haunted house.

I am one of those people. I spend hours trying to convince my husband—and myself—to go into a haunted house. I chalk the tiniest event in my house up to a haunting. Where are my glasses that I was just holding? Was it a poltergeist? Oh, they are on my head? Was THAT the poltergeist?

Why should I be having all the fun though? We have a quiz that will pick your next horror read for you based on the scariest haunted house you can design. Rest assured, all the picks have a haunted house in them too. Up for the task? Let us begin!

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