Where to Buy Harry Potter Wrapping Paper: 9+ Sites and Etsy Shops

We’re about to be deep into the holiday season, which means: gifts! Buying them, wrapping them, giving them, desperately studying facial expressions to make sure the recipients like them. The actual gift certainly dwarfs the wrapping for most people, especially in terms of the thought people put into each, but let’s instead look at it as an extra opportunity to delight your giftee. An easy, satisfaction-guaranteed strategy for those of us of the bookish persuasion is to stock up on some Harry Potter wrapping paper. Here are 9+ websites and Etsy shops where you can get Harry Potter wrapping paper for all your holiday (and year-round) gift-wrapping needs!

The Basics For Harry Potter Wrapping Paper

Visit ThinkGeek for this wrapping paper duo in red.

Zazzle has a HUGE selection of Harry Potter wrapping paper, including this Deathly Hallows pattern.

Check out Amazon, as well as the official website for the WB Studio Tour in London, for wrapping paper options with these adorable cartoonified versions of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Etsy Shops

This option from Charli Tait Creative would be great to keep on hand year-round for birthdays and any other occasion. There are also variations available if you’re looking to show off Hufflepuff or Slytherin pride.

Hannah Hitchman Illustration has this interesting wrapping paper featuring a variety of magical creatures.

This Harry Potter wrapping paper from Love And Lion is perfect if you’re looking for something clean and classy.

Design Corner’s wrapping paper features the movie versions of the characters, and can double as a coloring sheet for extra crafty fun!

Finally, Craft By You has this very Christmas-specific wrapping paper option that can even be customized with a name.

Beyond Wrapping Paper

The Etsy shop Manda Mo Designs has these wonderful gift bows and tags repurposed from pages of the Harry Potter books to add some magical flair to your already-wrapped gifts.

My Sweet Paper Card is another Etsy shop with gift tags in the shape of Ron and Harry’s Christmas sweaters.

And of course, Walmart’s got you covered with these Harry Potter gift bags for all those irregularly-shaped gifts.

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