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15 Magically Whimsical Harry Potter Planters and Accessories for Your Windowsill

When I want to believe that magic is real, I just watch my green-thumbed office neighbor nurture her desktop planters to life. This is especially true because when it comes to gardening, I’m a total muggle. I have failed to keep even cacti alive.

Truly, gardening is its own kind of sorcery. Just ask Neville.

This means that whether you plan to grow some devil’s snare or just some garden variety tomatoes, these Harry Potter planters are sure to get you started on the right note.

1. Harry Potter Ceramic Planter with Cactus

Another take on the minimalist glasses and scar symbols, this ceramic Harry Potter planter’s style is a bit more subdued. Succulent included! From Brukie Studio.

2. Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Concrete Planters

Created by Cocain Clouds, these concrete Harry Potter planters come with cacti and bear classic, minimalist iconography from the books that will draw the attention of any fan.

3. Owl Planter

As a wizard, keeping an owl or six on hand is a matter of practicality. These petite 2.5-inch planters from SUN-E SE are both adorable and functional.

4. Might be a Mandrake Planter

Keep anyone from digging around in your planters with this mild, playful, yet still menacing threat. Keep your earmuffs close. Pixie Cuts Boutique also offers personalization for this pot.

5. Golden Snitch Flower Pot

This cute hand-painted ceramic pot is playfully patterned in Harry Potter motif and golden snitches—all in Gryffindor house colors, of course. Ten points for team spirit to Knots and Pots Crafts for this one.

6. Growing Mandrakes

Adopt a couple of baby mandrakes, each with their own pot, and lovingly care for their moss beds. These adorable creatures are each hand-sculpted by Gossamer Owl, so each cranky little face is unique.

7. Aloe-homora Pot

It’s aloe-hoMORa, not aloe-homorA. This elegantly minimalist planter come in 6-inch and 4-inch size options, complete with saucer. Additional aloe-based puns also available via Grow with Gracee.

8. Voldemort Inspired Planter

Creep out your roommates (or whoever you like) with this villainous Voldemort head planter. Comes from Redwood Stoneworks with a small air plant included, so your Voldemort will never be bald.

9. Potterhead Planter

Not that we’re insinuating anything about what to plant in this particular pot. Go ahead and wear your obsession proudly.

10. Devil’s Snare Planter

Obviously, this is a plant worth labeling carefully. Keep away from sunlight. (Or, if it turns unwieldy, run to a window immediately.) This Pixie Cut Boutique planter will spare you perilous guessing of which magical plant you left where.

11. S.P.E.W. Planter

Lend your money and your windowsill to a good cause by supporting the efforts of the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. This planter from Lovegood Bath Potions comes in a variety of Harry Potter–inspired, hand-painted variations. For your office desk, consider “Don’t let the muggles get you down.”

12. Hogwarts House Outdoor/Indoor Banners

Whether your planters collect on your front porch stoop or a windowsill at work, display your allegiances proudly with these indoor/outdoor friendly house banners. Slytherin FTW, don’t @ me.

13. DIY Harry Potter Teacup Planters

If you’re the crafty type in addition to your green thumb, try your hand at these cute DIY teacup planters following the guidance of Housewife Electric. All you need to get started are some teacup planters and some paint.

14. Harry, Ron & Hermoine Planters

Hang out with your favorite kid crew whenever you like, thanks to this terra cotta set from Life with Lizzi J. Obviously anything planted in Hermoine’s pot will grow best, so be sure to know which plant is your favorite before potting them.

15. Bowtruckle

For those of us who are so bad at gardening that giving us a plant is basically murder, I present the already-grown bowtruckle from The Noble Collection. Careful, don’t let him wander off.

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