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18 Adorable Harry Potter Pajamas for the Whole Family

Holiday season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for every nerdy, bookish gift imaginable. You could go with the classic book gifts, or the underrated pair of cozy socks. But with winter raging in the northern hemisphere, it’s time for some warm Harry Potter pajamas to snuggle up in when both the heat is out and the super is on holiday.

Now, I’m a big believer that anything can be pajamas—from oversized T-shirts to stretched-out bralettes—but there’s just something special about having a matching set, especially when imbued with the magic of the Wizarding World. So whether you’re searching for a perfect gift or looking to snag a set for yourself, here are some Harry Potter pajamas that are sure to blow your socks off, right into Dobby’s hands.

Kids and Baby Harry Potter Pajamas

Mandrake Baby Pajamas

Because if your baby is going to wake you up every 76 minutes, they might as well look cute (and cheeky).

Flannel Set

This two-piece set is decorated with all the classic Wizarding World symbols, and is sure to make any adult wish they were a kid again.

Personalised Pajamas

If you want something with a more personal flair, you’ll want to snag this Harry Potter–themed option.

Sleep Sack

This Etsy store has several different versions of this itty bitty sleep sack, too!

Gryffindor Three-Piece Set

With two bottom options, you’ll be able to wear this throughout the year.

I’d Rather Be at Hogwarts Nightgown

Same. Been waiting on that acceptance letter for years.

Nightgown with Cape

It’s time for capes to make a comeback. Who wouldn’t want to retire dramatically into their bedchamber?

Blanket Sleeper

This one-piece sleeper has Harry’s glasses printed on the front, so you’ll have to draw on the lightning scar yourself.

Scar and Glasses Baby Pajamas

Sweet and simple, this comes in multiple colour options for your own little chosen one.

Adult Harry Potter Pajamas

Herbology Shorts and Hoodie

While not strictly pajamas, this matching Herbology set is comfy enough for you to sleep through Mandrake wails.

Daily Prophet Pajamas

Sadly the pictures don’t move, but this set will still transport you to the Wizarding World.

Patronus Pajamas

The next best thing to actually conjuring your Patronus in real life.

House Pajamas

This cozy pair is available in all four houses, but I’m sticking Hufflepuff here because I’m biased.

House Sleep Shirt

But if you can’t choose between the four houses, this sleep shirt is the perfect choice.

Glasses and Lightning Bolt

We’ve got plenty of kids’ options with this classic symbol, so obviously adults need to have one, too.

Owl Post Trousers

The perfect joggers to wear while you plot your epic reenactment of the iconic letter scene on Privet Drive.

Family Harry Potter Pajama Sets

Grey Symbols Set

These pajamas feature all the classic potter symbols, including the Hogwarts Express.

Mischief Managed

The kids’ version says ‘I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to No Good’, so at least they’ll be upfront about their holiday hijinks.

Looking for the perfect wrapping paper for your new pajamas? Here’s a list of where you can find Harry Potter wrapping paper!

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