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10 Amazing Harry Potter Fanvids

Namera Tanjeem

Staff Writer

Namera is currently an English student at the University of Cambridge who loves romance novels, Harry Potter, true crime stories, and cats. You can find her over at her blog, The Literary Invertebrate. She can be contacted by email at

With eight films in the main franchise, there’s plenty of material for fans to edit their own Harry Potter fanvids. Some of them are truly works of art. Below, I’ve collected some of the best fanvids on a range of topics.

These Harry Potter Fanvids are more than worth watching. harry potter | fandom | harry potter fandom | #HarryPotter

Harry Potter Fanvids: The Four Houses

1. Hufflepugg House [Technicolour Beat] by LaurenMichelle

LaurenMichelle is absolutely one of the BEST fanvidders out there, and her clips are always gorgeously edited. This one is no exception.


2. Cunning Folk | Slytherin by Expecto Patronum

Celebrates the dark side of the house we all love to hate.



3. Ravenclaw Pride by Mawrti

Although this is a multi-fandom video, it’s completely about Ravenclaw elements and looks beautiful.


4. Gryffindor Pride | It’s OK, I’ll Be Right There by Mandraco

Reminds us all why we love the Gryffindors in the first place.



Harry Potter Fanvids: General Tributes


5. Harry Potter | Rebel Just For Kicks by XpunchesX

Accompanied by an incredibly upbeat tune, this is a cheerful tribute to the entire HP world.


6. Harry Potter: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by EnigmaBarnes

A wonderfully edited video focusing on the struggle for power which underlies the series.

7. Harry Potter – Centuries by Mozaikue

Put together by another titan of the Harry Potter fanvid world, this video is as majestic as the accompanying song.


Harry Potter Fanvids: Characters


8. The Marauders || All I Gave You Is Gone by Hannah Granet

The haunting tune of MIIA’s Dynasty is absolutely perfect for the Marauders. So is the choice of actors in this video.


9. Hermione Granger | Oh No! by Ylvajo

With over 2 million views, this one is a must-watch for its exploration of the darker, more lonely side of Hermione’s character.

10. Death Eaters *This Is Entertainment* by Sapphiamur

This is an old video (made in 2010) but I personally really enjoy its sweeping look at both Death Eaters and their victims.


Want More?

This is only the tiniest, tiniest fraction of amazing Harry Potter fanvids available on YouTube! I’m always happy to recommend more based on your favourite character/pairing, too. To complement the videos, check out these lists of 50 must-read fan fictions and 35 erotic fan fictions too.