Critical Linking

Harry Potter Fan Gets Into Record Books: Critical Linking, March 31, 2019

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To quote Albus Dumbledore, “It is our choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

A 38-year-old Wales woman has magically made her way into the book of Guinness World Records by amassing 3,686 collectibles related to “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling.

This is dedication

Amid a growing tug-of-war between adherents of evidence-based immunization practices and a roiling online subculture of suspicion, conspiracy, and misinformation related to vaccines, a beloved symbol of impartiality and free access to information — the public library — may now find itself at the center of the scrum.

Earlier this month, Hoopla — an online service that allows public library cardholders across the U.S. and Canada to download or stream movies and television shows for free — quietly pulled the documentary “Vaxxed” from its collection. The film, which peddles a repeatedly debunked theory linking vaccines to autism and claims to expose a vaccine-related coverup within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can still be found on DVD at libraries around the U.S.

A fascinating read about the role libraries play when it comes to providing information about not vaccinating

In the audio format I love to listen to good stories. That means the vast majority of my own audiobooks are novels. But I do love a good memoir—because what is memoir but a story that really happened?

Over the past few years, some of my favorites have been celebrity memoirs. My hunch is this is because they always combine two things I love: behind-the-scenes tales and author narration.

Added a ton of books to my to-listen list.