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Revelo Persona! Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based on Your Enneagram Type?

A few months ago, I first took an Enneagram test after it started popping up in conversations with friends and coworkers. While I’d taken the MBTI many times previously (shoutout to my fellow INFJs!) and a handful of other personality type tests, I found the Enneagram to be most specific. It also felt a lot more applicable to me—now that I had these details about myself articulated, I could do something productive about my personality, preferences, and tendencies to improve myself. I also understood it better than other personality tests. While some folks can talk MBTI all day long and easily identify people in their lives with various types, I was never able to do it. Enneagram types, however, I find much easier to identify. So I took what I was able to do with it in real life and came after Harry Potter.

If you’re new to Enneagram of Personality, Wikipedia offers a solid rundown of the concept. There are also tons of Instagram posts and accounts, whether you’re looking for Enneagram memes or more serious Enneagram analysis

I won’t spoil you by saying which characters appear to be which types—you’ll have to click through to find out! But some of the results may surprise you.

Below, you’ll find a quiz that will tell you which Harry Potter character you are based on your Enneagram type. If you don’t know your Enneagram type, try taking the test linked above. It’s a bit lengthy, but that’s how it has the ability to be so accurate. Give it a go and then submit your type to find out which Harry Potter character shares your number.

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