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These Harry Potter Cross-Stitch Patterns Are Magical

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We’re big fans of literary cross-stitch patterns. We’re also unapologetic fans of Harry Potter. So what if we did something straight magical and combined the love of the two? You’ll find yourself spending all your sickles on these awesome Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns (and if you want more bookish craftiness, check out our collection of literary cross-stitch patterns, Lit Stitch: 25 Cross-Stitch Patterns for Book Lovers).

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Get ready to get downloading some of these wizardly Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns. All of these are patterns you can buy and download immediately, unless otherwise noted.

Harry Potter Cross-stitch Patterns

Hogwarts cross-stitch pattern

Snag this Hogwarts Crest cross-stitch pattern and get cracking. $5.

The colors in this Hogwarts castle cross-stitch are so rich and gorgeous. $4.50.

Combine the Deathly Hallows with some florals and you have an incredibly eye-catching cross-stitch. $4.

It’s Harry Potter’s scar, complete with the iconic images from the series. $4.50.

Make your very own Hedwig with your Hogwarts letter. $6.40.

Up your cross-stitch game with this sampler featuring the images from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. $4.

Feel like cross-stitching Harry Potter, adaptation style? You can. $3.30.

Harry Potter cross-stitch including the biggest, most identifiable symbols from the series. $3.

Stitch the quote “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light” from the series. $4.50.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” Harry Potter cross-stitch pattern. $4.

The Platform 9 and 3/4 cross-stitch pattern would be especially good for new stitchers to try their hands at. $4.70.

Stitch the Weasley house. Stuffing it with children is optional. $4.

This Harry Potter cross-stitch really is dreamy. $4.20.

Stitch up Harry, his friends, and his enemies with this pattern. $8.

This Harry Potter cross-stitch pattern is for all of the Snape lovers out there. $5.35.

Get this entire set of gorgeous Hogwarts House symbols done in negative space with flowers for $16.55.

Stitch your very own Marauder’s Map. $6.50.

Stitch up all of the goods a wizard needs in their pockets. $8.

Don’t let the muggles get you down, cross-stitcher! $4.

Want a lush and fantastical Harry Potter cross-stitch pattern? You found it here! $6.50.

This Harry and Hedwig cross-stitch pattern is just cute. $6.20.

Make your own Luna Lovegood cross stitch. $6.50.

Magic is on the way Harry Potter cross stitch, featuring Harry in his cupboard under the stairs. $8.35.

Call your Patronus with this cross-stitch. $4.50.

Love is Harry Potter cross-stitch. $4.50.

Get your stitch on with these Harry Potter symbols. $6.

Cross-stitch all of the Harry Potter book spines. Hang it on the wall next to where you store your Harry Potter books. $5.

Stitch the language of Potterland. $4.50.

Once you make a Dobby cross stitch, you’re obligated to hang it in your laundry room or next to your socks-missing-partners pile. $4.

Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns that don’t include a sorting hat are probably wrong. $4.50.

Show your pride with this Hogwarts faculties cross-stitch. $3.80.

What a pretty Golden Snitch. $2.65.

Hop aboard the magical Knight bus with this cross-stitch. $4.15.

What a fun Hermione cross stitch. $4.

“In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own” Dumbledore quote cross-stitch. $4.

These watercolor Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns are just gorgeous. $6.

If you need your own Dumbledore, here you go! $4.

The details in this Hogwarts house book spine cross-stitch are outstanding. $5.

Harry and his scar. $3.

These floral Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns are so vibrant and fun. $4.50.

“After all this time? Always” Hogwarts at night cross-stitch. $4.50.

The infamous trio are together in one cross-stitch. $6.50.

Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express. $4.50.

Still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts” cross-stitch. $4.00.

The ABCs, Harry Potter cast style. $5.

How does one end a roundup of Harry Potter cross-stitch patterns? Why, noting: Mischief Managed. $4.50.


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