Get Cozy With These Stunning Harry Potter Blankets

Someone please help. I’ve fallen in love with so many Harry Potter blankets online. I recently moved from someplace where I rarely used a blanket back to a place with a climate that allows me to drink hot drinks and snuggle up in a pile of blankets with my books. Since I’m in the early part of a Harry Potter reread, I started searching for Harry Potter blankets and oh wow have I got some things to share with you.

This Marauder’s Map tapestry throw blanket is high on my list.

Harry Potter Marauders Map Tapestry ThrowHaven’t been sorted yet? This Hogwarts Crest hooded blanket has got you covered. (See what I did there?)

hogwarts crests hooded blanket

This super cute Harry Potter character baby quilt is actually available in multiple sizes.

harry potter baby blanket quilt

Also available in multiple sizes is this very soft-looking minky Gryffindor blanket.

minky gryffindor harry potter blanket

Another Marauder’s Map blanket, but softer.

marauders map minky throw blanket

This Harry Potter blanket has Harry’s glasses, the Sorting Hat, and some other wizarding world objects.

harry potter symbols sherpa fleece blanket

This minky Marauder’s Map blanket is a lovely shade of blue.

minky flannel marauders map blanket

I’m sure this Hogwarts school hooded blanket feels like home.

hogwarts school hooded blanket

This Gryffindor quidditch team hooded blanket is for the Potterhead athlete in your life.

gryffindor quidditch harry potter hooded blanket

Or maybe Hufflepuff quidditch is more your style?

hufflepuff quidditch harry potter hooded blanket

This Slytherin blanket is available in four sizes AND can be personalized with embroidery.

personalized slytherin harry potter blanket

And while we’re talking about Slytherin House

cunning-folk-who-use-any-means-to-achieve-their-ends-slytherin blanket

Books turn muggles into wizards, if only for a little while.

books turn muggles into wizards blanket

This isn’t my house but I still think this Hufflepuff ugly sweater blanket is pretty adorable.

hogwarts-ugly-christmas-sweater-pattern-hufflepuffThis Harry Potter quilt set is absolutely lovely.

harry potter hogwarts alumni quilt set

I might actually buy this Accio Equality! blanket. It’s just so good.

accio equality harry potter spell blanket

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