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Gorgeous, Unique Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks To Make and To Buy

My favorite art medium is probably watercolor. It’s both challenging and forgiving, and though it’s been a while since I’ve painted, one of the things that made the medium so appealing to me was the fact that mistakes forced me to rethink me work in a good way. It’s only natural, then, that handmade watercolor bookmarks are so appealing to me.

Find below a wide array of awesome watercolor bookmarks. Some of them are handmade watercolor bookmarks, while others will allow you to download them and do your own watercolor work on the bookmarks. Included are those which you will receive by mail, as well as those which are free printable handmade watercolor bookmarks to download or that you’ll pay for then download.

Awesome handmade watercolor bookmarks to make and to buy.DIY | Watercolor bookmarks | Watercolor bookmark tutorials | printable watercolor bookmarks

These handmade watercolor bookmarks showcase a little bit of everything: gorgeous colors, cute animals, plants, galaxy scenes, cityscapes, and more. Get ready to get swooning (and finding excuses to need more bookmarks in your life).

Watercolor Bookmarks to Buy

Watercolor bookmark


Get your moon phases on. $3.


watercolor bookmark with splashes of color


Set of three watercolor splash bookmarks. $6.


watercolor bookmark saying "just one more chapter"


Just one more chapter bookmark. $3.50.


watercolor galaxy bookmark


Watercolor galaxy bookmark. $3.


Watercolor bookmarks


Choice among three different watercolor bookmarks, featuring a hot air balloon, big bright circles, or mountains. $3.


koi watercolor bookmark


Koi watercolor bookmark, available in a number of different sizes. $6.50 and up.


watermelon watercolor bookmark


How gorgeous is this watermelon bookmark? $10.


galaxy watercolor bookmark


Even more gorgeous galaxy bookmarks. $6.


starry watercolor bookmark


These star cutouts are so pretty.


read watercolor bookmark


Simple but gorgeous: a read handmade watercolor bookmark, available in a number of colors. $3 and up.


watercolor bookmark with peacock feather


Peacock features make for perfect watercolor bookmark subjects. $6.


golden snitch watercolor bookmark


Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here’s a watercolor golden snitch bookmark. $5.


book stack watercolor bookmark


A few choices here: you can grab a stack of books, a stack of books with a mouse, or a stack of books with an apple for this bookmark. $6.


goldrush watercolor bookmark


This gold-splattered watercolor bookmark is perfection. $8.50.


rainbow swirl handmade watercolor bookmark


Look how delicate and pretty this rainbow color swirl bookmark is. $5.


crystal watercolor bookmarks


Set of five gorgeous crystal watercolor bookmarks. $15.


bee watercolor bookmark


A lovely honeybee bookmark. $12.


#booklover watercolor bookmark


#booklover bookmark in a couple of color choices. $3.


sunset watercolor bookmarks


Set of sunset bookmarks. $9.50.


books watercolor bookmark


Handmade watercolor bookmark of colorful books. $8.50.


so many books, so little time watercolor bookmark


So many books, so little time bookmark. $6.50.


Watercolor bookmarks


Set of three gorgeous watercolor bookmarks. $7.25.


personalized watercolor bookmark


Get an awesome personalized handmade watercolor bookmark. $5.


cat and moon watercolor bookmark


Swooning over this cat and moon bookmark. $7. Check out the tutorial by the artist for how the bookmark is made.


book lover watercolor bookmark


Book lover watercolor bookmark with lots of color options. $2.


origami animals and cacti bookmarks


Set of watercolor bookmarks featuring origami animals and cacti. $8.





Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks To Download

printable watercolor bookmarks


Set of wildlife bookmarks. Instant download $5.


zodiac watercolor bookmarks


Set of handmade watercolor bookmarks in zodiac signs. Download all for $5.


pointing watercolor bookmark


Set of four pointing bookmarks. Download them all for $5.



Download these watercolor floral bookmarks for $5.


downloadable feather bookmarks


These downloadable feather bookmarks are so pretty. $5 for the set.



Six downloadable galaxy bookmarks. $5.50.


downloadable watercolor bookmarks


Watercolor bookmarks with quotes about books. $5 to download the set.


downloadable cactus bookmarks


A mere $2 gets you this downloadable set of cactus watercolor bookmarks.


free downloadable watercolor bookmarks


Snag a beautiful set of free downloadable handmade watercolor bookmarks about books. Did I mention free?


free watercolor bookmarks


This set of watercolor bookmarks with a pretty mandala design are free with a watermark. You can snag them without the watermark, along with tons and tons of other bookmark designs, for $9.


keep calm and read a book watercolor bookmark


You might need to translate this page. When/if you do, you’ll be treated to four different watercolor bookmarks you can download for free.


downloadable handmade watercolor bookmarks


Lovely free handmade watercolor bookmarks with reading quotes.


free watercolor bookmarks


Download these pretty watercolor bookmarks for free.


free watercolor downloadable bookmarks


Grab this set of kid-appealing printable watercolor bookmarks for free as a download.


downloadable watercolor bookmarks


Talk about bookmarks that are awesome for kids. Download all four for free.


downloadable watercolor doodle bookmarks


These watercolor doodle bookmarks are free to download.


DIY Watercolor Bookmarks, Watercolor Bookmark Ideas, and Making Watercolor Bookmarks


handmade watercolor bookmark tutorial


How to make handmade watercolor bookmarks.



DIY your own handmade watercolor galaxy bookmarks.


handsewn watercolor bookmarks


Make some hand sewn bookmarks with watercolor designs.



DIY watercolor bookmarks for beginners.



12 easy handmade watercolor bookmark ideas you can DIY.




Very easy DIY watercolor bookmarks.


DIY watercolor bookmarks how-to


How to make awesome DIY watercolor bookmarks.



Make some floral watercolor bookmarks.



Love and can’t get enough bookmarks in your life? Here are some awesome bookmark ideas for getting crafty, a handy tutorial for how to make an origami corner bookmark, and 50 free printable bookmarks.

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