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Hand-Embroidered Bookish Goodies to Cozy Up Your Reading Life

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Susie Dumond

Senior Contributor

Susie (she/her) is a queer writer originally from Little Rock, now living in Washington, DC. She is the author of QUEERLY BELOVED and the forthcoming LOOKING FOR A SIGN from Dial Press/Random House. You can find her on Instagram @susiedoom.

Embroidery: It’s not just for grannies anymore! Gorgeously stitched designs are super in right now, and the aesthetic fits perfectly with a cozy, cottagecore, book-loving lifestyle. It’s amazing how many things can be improved with a little embroidery. Little stitched flowers and tiny animals made of thread can add a little magic to all corners of your life. If you’re looking for more embroidered panache in your reading, we’ve got you covered. Check out these hand-embroidered bookish goodies, from journals to bookmarks to clothes and beyond.

Are you looking to try your hand at embroidery? I’ve got a couple of options for you at the end of this list! Both are kits with everything you need to get started. If you’ve already got the materials and a bit of know-how, check out this list of bookish embroidery patterns. It’s a wonderfully satisfying hobby with infinite possibilities, but it also requires time, attention to detail, and a fair amount of patience. If you’re more interested in surrounding yourself with lovely embroidery than doing the work yourself, the list below is for you. Each of the first eight items is handmade with care by an Etsy creator, making each piece a totally unique addition to your home.

Image of five linen-covered notebooks with hand-embroidered floral designs
Image from LanahomeCraft on Etsy

These gorgeous, uber-customizable, hand-embroidered notebooks are the perfect place to collect your bookish thoughts. Choose your own flower design, paper type, and text. $63

Image of a bunch of colorful mini-journals covered in wool with minimalist embroidered animal designs
Image from katagolda on Etsy

How adorable are these tiny wool-covered journals with embroidered animals? I need one in every color/design. $22

Four felt corner bookmarks embroidered with floral designs and initials
Image from EVERYBLE on Etsy

Mark your page with pizazz! These personalized embroidered corner bookmarks allow you to pick your style and initial. $11

Image of five tasseled bookmarks with hand-embroidered floral designs displayed on a book
Image from QuinceFablesShop on Etsy

I’m obsessed with these dreamy floral hand-embroidered bookmarks, so much so that I might spend more time staring at them than my book. $16

Image of a dark blue fabric book cover embroidered with stars and a crescent moon
Image from MissterPress on Etsy

Imagine how cute this starry embroidered book cover would look on your favorite sci-fi and fantasy titles! It’s one of a kind, but you can find other designs from the same maker here. $50

Image of a navy sweatshirt with embroidery on the left chest of a woman reading a book and the text "romance reader"
Image from EarlyBedtime on Etsy

Show off your love of romance with this hand-embroidered Romance Reader sweatshirt. You can customize the sweatshirt color, thread color, and text to your heart’s content. $45

Image of an olive green baseball hat with an embroidered open book and flowers
Image from HopeSewnDesigns on Etsy

You’ll be proud to show off your love of books with this gorgeous hand-embroidered bookish hat, perfect for reading in the park on sunny days. $44

Image of an old book page embroidered with a teal hot air balloon hanging from a brick wall with a wooden frame
Image from ScatteredLightStitch on Etsy

Recycled books make the coolest art. These hand-stitched upcycled art pieces are made using vintage books and previously owned embroidery thread. $40

Image of a light blue fabric book cover with floral embroidery
Image from EmbroideryArtShopHK on Etsy

Ready to give hand-embroidery a try yourself? This DIY embroidery book cover kit makes it easy with everything you need, plus written instructions. $39

Image of an embroidery hoop with a design of a book stack
Image from rikrack on Etsy

Here’s another chance to learn your own bookish embroidery skills. This hoop kit comes with everything you need to make this six-inch decorative book stack. $32

I hope this list helps you find the perfect hand-embroidered bookish goodies to cottagecorify your reading life. You might also enjoy:

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