Do You Know These First Lines? A Guess the Book Quiz

If there’s one way to make yourself fun at parties, it’s to brag about all the literary fiction you read (just kidding). Still,  you’ve got to put that knowledge to use somehow, right? If you consider yourself a capital-R Reader, put yourself to the test with this guess the book quiz. You’ll be pushed to recall the titles that go with the first lines of popular novels from the last ten years. And then you can go to parties and brag not only about all the books you read, but also your stellar memory.

Of course, for those books that emotionally traumatized you, you might have to dig a little deeper.


Here are some hints to keep in mind: these are books that were wildly popular, probably ended up in mountains of used books, and left their mark on readers’ hearts. Consider what you know about authors’ styles as you go through. While some writers are short and to the point with sharp first lines, others prefer a more winding sentence with plenty of clauses to set the tone. You’ll also want to look for keywords and themes that match a title out of a set. Finally, while most of these titles are literary fiction, there are a few pieces of brain candy in there. We can’t all be book snobs.

Good luck!

Guess the Book Quiz


How did you do on our guess the book quiz? Were you surprised by any of them? Let us know in the comments!