Quiz: Which GREAT GATSBY Character Are You?

Christine Hoxmeier

Staff Writer

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If you grew up in America, you were probably first introduced to The Great Gatsby via a required reading list at school. Or perhaps you just decided to read the book because you heard it’s on required reading lists, and you like to stay ahead of the game. Either way, it’s a book you have probably read, or at the very least you’ve seen one of the many movie adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal work.

Perhaps one of the reasons The Great Gatsby has become so widely known and adapted is due to its cast of characters. From the titular character to Daisy the damsel and Nick the narrator, they are well known even to people who haven’t read the book. Depending on your reading, they are characters you either love, love to hate, or love to try to make sense of why people like them.

Regardless of what you think of Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, and the rest, I think we can all agree they are deeply flawed characters, which kind of makes it even more fun to take our quiz and find out which Great Gatsby character you are. No matter the result, rest assured you aren’t as terrible as Tom Buchanan (probably—hopefully). Pop a bottle of champagne, stare at a distant green light, then discover which character you are most like, old sport!