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Dangle Your Love For Books With These Bookish Keychains

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Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

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If you are a book lover who loves merchandising, especially when it comes in the form of keychains, I have excellent news for you!

After my very loved keychain that I’ve been using for several years recently broke – a gift from a friend many years ago – I decided it was time to acquire yet another item that would showcase my love for all bookish things. Because, are you really a book lover if you don’t own mugs, pins, socks, pillows, T-shirts, book sleeves, blankets, and, yes, keychains – that show how much you love books?

The correct answer is yes, but I certainly wasn’t looking for the correct answer: I was looking for the bookish answer. Which led me to search for the coolest bookish keychains out there. Truly, the hardest part was choosing. There are so many options, whether you are more of a classic reader, contemporary, or just like a good quote.

Below are the ones I found the most special: customisable, made of enamel or wood, and even very simple ones for a sleek and clean look.

And, if you thought the good news was done here, I am here to tell you I have more: you are allowed to have as many keychains as you’d like, and not only on your keys; your bag zippers, for example, are another great way to display any of these.

Photo of a keychain made of enamel in the shape of a book painted in blue, the words bookworm on the front.

This bookworm keychain gets straight to the point. $7

Photo of a keychain shaped like a book in the colour pink and the text Read more books on the cover

And if you ever need a reminder to tackle that TBR, this one can serve as encouragement. $9

Photo of a keychain with the cover of a penguin classic with the text Go away I'm reading in the middle, and below in smaller letter No, really.

Sitting down having your coffee and reading your book, but you fear someone might disturb you? Place this keychain in sight for a subtle hint. $9

Photo of a small book made of metal with the cover of Alice in Wonderland, which opens to show two pieces of text inside, one on the right side with the words If I had a world of my own and the left side showing everything would be nonsense.

I am in love with this Alice In Wonderland keychain. It opens like a book and it actually has text inside. The coolest thing is that you can choose it in several variants, including as a keychain, and you’ll find several classics to choose from as your cover. $20

Photo of a black keychain in the shape of a book with silver drawings on the cover and spine. The cover has plants and the moon, the spine has the text Fairy Smut on it.

Are you a fan of fairy smut OR a fairy who loves smut? Then I have found the perfect keychain for you. You’re welcome! $11

Photo of a round keychain with the quote You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

If you like a good classic keychain, with a good quote from a classic, this Winnie The Pooh one is the perfect match. $5

Photo of a rectangular metal keychain with the quote She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain, by louisa May Alcott

Or maybe this one, with a quote by Louisa May Alcott. $9

Photo of a keychain shaped like a stack of books in various colours, blue, yellow, purple and pink with stars and hearts on the spines.

This colourful book stack is one of my favourites! $16

Photo of a keychain shaped like a stack of books in different colours, a tea mug on top of the stack and the words Drink tea & read books on the spines.

Of course, if you are a tea lover, this one will be an even more adequate choice! $13

Photo of a keychain with books placed next to each other and the titles of Shakespeare books on the spine, a skull on top.

For the fans of Shakespeare, this one looks amazing! $10

Photo of keychain with books side by side and the spines showing titles of Jane Austen's book, with a teacup on top.

And, of course, a similar style for Jane Austen fans! $10

Photo of a keychain with a stack of books with several titles and a cup of tea on top.

This keychain with a stack of books can be customised, so you will always be able to carry your favourite books with you. $3

Photo of a keychain in the shape of an open book with flowers coming out of it.

For lovers of books and flowers, this gorgeous keychain will be a lovely complement to your keys. $8

Photo of a wooden keychain with the shape of an open book with the text I like big books and i cannot lie.

If you’d like to showcase your love of big books, this is an easy choice. $6

Photo of three small polymer clay keychains shaped like a book, imitating a leather bound book.

These polymer clay books are tiny, but they will not go unnoticed! $9

Photo of a metal keychain engraved with the words I'd rather be reading and an image of four books standing side by side engraved below that.

For those who prefer a more clean look, this metal keychain with engraved text is great! $21

Photo of a small leather-bound notebook keychain with a small metal key dangling from the opening.

As if this tiny imitation of a leather-bound book wasn’t enough, you have guessed it: it actually a small notebook which you can open and write on. Always on hand! $45

As you can see, plenty of choices to go around. And the best part is that these also make for great gifts! For more bookish gifts, these gifts for readers are all under $30.