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Graphic Playlist: Spider-Gwen and the Mary Janes

Brian McNamara

Staff Writer

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Everyone has their own rituals when it comes to reading comics. Some people like to read them on the train, others while drinking a cup of coffee. Some of us here at Panels love to don our headphones and sync some of our favorite songs with our favorite comics. In Graphic Playlist, we present you with a recommended set of songs for our favorite comics or favorite characters.

Gwen Stacy on the drumsIf you’ve read Spider-Gwen #1 or its lead-in, Edge of Spider-Verse #2, you’ve met the Spider-Woman of another universe, Gwen Stacy. This universe presents us with a new vision of the Marvel Universe. Peter Parker is Green Goblin, Captain Stacey is in charge of a superhuman crime-stopping squad, and Matt Murdock is a shady lawyer for the Kingpin. It’s a really neat, fully realized world that spans just two issues so far. We also learn that the Gwen Stacey of this universe is an iPod loving music fan and a hard rocking drummer in the four-woman band, The Mary Janes.

The Mary Janes on StageThe images of Gwen thrashing the drums with Mary Jane’s “Face It Tiger” lyrics got me thinking: What do The Mary Janes sound like? And what does Gwen listen to? A New York-based garage band that plays the high school gym but also gets media attention? That’s gotta be a particular sound. So I hit my music library and drummed up a few tracks that could be a potential Mary Janes set list. Have a listen and imagine what proportional spider strength can do for percussion!

Thanks to Married with Sea Monsters, we can get a little bit of a taste of what the Mary Janes might sound like with their awesome cover of the song “Face It Tiger” straight off the pages of the comic.


So, what do you think? What’s Gwen listening to? What do the Mary Janes sound like?


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