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Graphic Playlist: Black Canary

Brian McNamara

Staff Writer

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Everyone has their own rituals when it comes to reading comics. Some people like to read them on the train, others while drinking a cup of coffee. Some of us here at Panels love to don our headphones and sync some of our favorite songs with our favorite comics. In Graphic Playlist, we present you with a recommended set of songs for our favorite comics or favorite characters.


from Black Canary #1 by Brendan Fletcher & Annie Wu

We here at Panels are very excited for the new Black Canary series by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu. Spinning out from Dinah Lance’s supporting part in the “Batgirl of Burnside” Batgirl arc, this new book looks to spotlight Black Canary in a very literal way. Known for her judo skills, strong left hook, no nonsense attitude, and an ear-splitting cry, Dinah is poised to leave superheroics behind for the wild world of the touring rockstar. While a bit of a radical reinvention of the character, it’s one that’s been slowly building over the course of Batgirl for the last few months. Now armed with an all-lady band, Dinah is set to take the world by storm, aided by the stunning art work of Annie Wu.


Art by Annie Wu

To celebrate the release of Black Canary, I’ve complied a setlist for Dinah and her bandmates to shock the world with. From Blondie, Sleater-Kinney, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, to Florence + The Machine, Elle King, and Kate Nash, we’ve got 20 songs that should give you the experience of the seeing The Most Dangerous Band in the World live. So sit back, grab your issue of Black Canary, and prepare for an audio experience almost as powerful as Dinah’s patented Canary Cry.

In case that wasn’t enough for you, maybe we’ll be treated to a cover of this bawdy, superhero-themed cabaret number from Batman: Brave and the Bold in future issues of Black Canary.



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