Gourd Girl: A Seasonal Creep Book List

Dear Reader,

You may be aware of a phenomenon known as “seasonal creep.” While non-life threatening, seasonal creep is a serious, autumn-amourist disorder that affects 100% of coffee shops and retail outlets. From as early as late August, these establishments are awash in unrelentingly autumnal themes: pumpkin infuses all food and beverages, and mannequins break out into full-body knits. What you may not know is that seasonal creep has now come for your books.

I regret to inform you that the following titles show evidence of being seasonally crept:

Gourd Girl

Some Leaves Fall in Brooklyn

The Tell-Tale Scarf

Things Fall Back

A Boot, A Boy

The School Picture Day of Dorian Gray

Little Freshmen

The Swiss Family Cardigan

Anne of Red Maples

As I Lay Layering

The Pencil Case of Benjamin Button

“Apple Cider House” Rules!

A Space Heater of One’s Own

The Lion in Autumn

The Collected Works of Flannel O’Connor

The Thanksgiving Tree

Of Pumpkin Spice and Men


Please update your libraries accordingly. Stay vigilant.