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Goodies for Your Books and Tea Lovin’ Heart

Nikki VanRy

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Nikki VanRy is a proud resident of Arizona, where she gets to indulge her love of tacos, desert storms, and tank tops. She also writes for the Tucson Festival of Books, loves anything sci-fi/fantasy/historical, drinks too much chai, and will spend all day in bed reading thankyouverymuch. Follow her on Instagram @nikki.vanry.

Books and tea go together like peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, Canada and Margaret Atwood. They just belong together, almost as if an ampersand deserves to join them up at all times.

Thankfully for all of you book and tea lovers out there, there’s pleh-enty of books and tea inspired swag that will make your heart go all soft and fuzzy.

(In related news, my credit card now lives in the freezer. Because, reasons. I recommend you do the same. If you are unlucky enough to be caught with a credit card nearby, click the linky above each photo to go directly to the shop page.)

Drink your books

Tea blends inspired by classic books and authors? Yes please.

Literary Tea Co

Literary Tea Co

The shop features tea blends inspired by Sylvia Plath (a black tea with crushed hibiscus and lavender) and Hemingway (a gunpowder green tea with lemon peel and rose), among others. I’m in love.

Novel Teas

Novel Teas

These have quotes on every bag from authors like Alice Hoffman and Jorge Luis Borges. Too bad they’re so cute you won’t want to use them (#guilty).


Tea book infuser

If you already have your own favorite loose leaf (maybe as recommended by Brenna here or Nicole here), you can still soak ’em with bookish love.

Display your books and tea love

Loud and proud. (Or cozy and hidden inside on a Friday night, but you know, you do you.)

Megan Lee Studio

Hot date tea books

Ha-cha-cha. There’s some more fantastic tea & book postcards from this shop that I’m also scoping out.

Design Atelier Article

book tea bookends

These tea bookends are on sale right now. Be careful friends.

Kainoa’s Kreations

Book tea art

Eeeeee book art and tea? Hold me.

Hairbrained Schemes

tea quote C.S. Lewis

It’s the classic books and tea quote but it still makes me go fuzzy inside every time I read it.

Frostbeard Studio

book tea lights

Books and TEA lights. Get it? Get it?

Read your teas

Make your tea extra book-worthy by using one of these for your next cuppa.

Miss Bohemia


Good to the last swoon.

milk & honey

tea book spoon

I still have not gotten over how cute stamped spoons are, especially when they are books and tea themed. I want to hang them all on my wall.

Alice in Wonderland teapot

Alice in Wonderland teapot

This obviously absolutely had to happen. It’s always tea time! (Wondering where the other bookish teapots are? Why, right this way.)

Lenny Mud

tea and book mug


“The greatest love story ever written.” Indeed.

Did I miss any of your favorite books and tea swag? 


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