hobbit giveaway

Chances are you know this story. It has friendship and adventure and dragons and Big Life Lessons, and so much fuel for the imagination. In this giveaway sponsored by The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition by J.R.R. Tolkien, illustrated by Jemima Catlin, we asked you to create an original work inspired by the classic story.

We posted the three finalists, and your votes chose the winning entry. Karla will receive a copy of The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition and the awesome prize pack pictured above, which includes:

  • Smaug tote bag
  • “Second breakfast is the best breakfast” coffee mug
  • “Never laugh at live dragons” button
  • Dragon temporary tattoo
  • Hobbit bookmarks

Take a look at her winning entry:

Hobbits love to eat, so here is Bilbo Baggins enjoying either Second Breakfast or Elevensies! (With Hobbits, it can be difficult to guess which meal they might be enjoying!) I added Sebastian, the hedgehog from the Hobbit movie, just for fun! Everything you see is edible, as it’s made of fondant, and it’s all set on top of a yummy red velvet cake. I’m sure Bilbo would approve!



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