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Gifts Romance Readers Will Love

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Katie Moench


Katie Moench is a librarian, runner, and lover of baked goods. A school librarian in the Upper Midwest, Katie lives with her husband and dog and spends her free time drinking coffee, trying new recipes, and adding to her TBR.

With the romance book industry bringing in $1.44 billion dollars in 2021, it’s no wonder that romance readers are a large and wide-ranging group. After all, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to romance reading: from enemies-to-lovers to love stories set in fantasy worlds and realistic romcom novels, there’s something for every reading taste. Though romance books are often pigeonholed as frivolous, the genre offers an increasing range of diversity in settings, characters, and relationships, with authors like Talia Hibbert and Emily Henry having become bestsellers and incredibly popular on social media for their swoonworthy works. Additionally, the popularity of romance books on Bookstagram and BookTok means that romance readers have a community with whom to share their favorite books.

And what better way to show you love romance books and connect with your fellow romance readers than some romance book merch? With the popularity of romance books, you probably are either a fan yourself or know someone who is, which means these gifts are perfect for you! Whatever setups or tropes you prefer, these romance book-themed gifts will add some love (and maybe a little spice) to anyone’s day with their sweet offerings.

Add a Lil' Spice Candle

Let’s start things off with this spicy candle that has notes of vanilla, strawberry, and freshly baked pound cake that would be perfect for anyone who loves a bakery romance. $22

Romance tropes shirt

Wear your heart, and your favorite romance tropes, on your shirt with this adorable tee. $22

Shirt reading "The Slow Burn Book Club" surrounded by flames

If you’re more of a slow-burn fan, try this shirt on for your next cozy, reading outfit. $28

Candy heart shaped stickers with romance tropes printed on them

If you prefer your tropes in sticker form, check out these adorable, candy heartshaped stickers. $5

Pin with slow burn on it and an hourglass, sitting on top of a book

Fans of slow-burn stories will want to stick this pin on their favorite book bag. $8

Black sweatshirt with a book, a hand, and Smut on it

You’ve got your smut to keep you warm, but why not also cozy up with this sweatshirt? $22

Sand colored sweatshirt with black text reading Spicy book club

If you’re hoping to find like-minded fans of spicy romance, try wearing this sweatshirt next time you go to the bookstore or library. $37.

Illustrated map of romance tropes

This adorable, illustrated digital download map will take you through the world of romance, from the mountains of miscommunication to the greenhouse of stolen kisses. $4

Historical romance reader mug with a woman reading in a garden that says probably reading about nineteenth century dukes

Historical romance fans will love sipping their tea from this sweet mug while reading about the latest noble scandal. $23

Illustrated tarot cards printed with romance tropes

Having trouble choosing your next read? Let fate, and these romance trope tarot cards decide for you. $10

If you’re looking for more gifts for romance readers, be sure to check out this roundup of gifts for fans of spicy books. And of course, we have plenty of romance book recommendations for your reading!