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This One’s for the Dragon Smut Girlies: Gifts for Romantasy Readers

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Susie Dumond

Senior Contributor

Susie (she/her) is a queer writer originally from Little Rock, now living in Washington, DC. She is the author of QUEERLY BELOVED and the forthcoming LOOKING FOR A SIGN from Dial Press/Random House. You can find her on Instagram @susiedoom.

It may only be April, but I think it’s fair to say “romantasy” is the book world’s word of the year. It’s got readers and publishing professionals all fired up, and it’s not going away any time soon. Honestly, no one should be surprised by this! Crossover between romance and fantasy is not new, even if it’s got a fancy new name. Readers have been thirsting for fantastical love stories for a long time, whether they’re of the dragon, werewolf, vampire, or fae variety. Are you ready to tell the world about your love of romantasy? Then these gifts for romantasy readers are for you!

As someone who writes books, writes about books and sells books, I’ve heard a lot of people asking: What’s the deal with romantasy? Why is it blowing up? In my opinion, it’s not so much that it’s a new trend as a recognition of a genre that’s been on the rise for decades. It’s just gone under the radar because it’s genre fiction with a fanbase made up primarily of women, and therefore, the book world has ignored and underestimated it for as long as possible. But smut readers (affectionate) are getting louder and prouder about their favorite books, and they’re realizing they’re not alone. So let’s put on our favorite romantasy sweatshirt and spread the love!

Image of a light purple sweatshirt with a book, sword, and dragons and the saying "romantasy reader book club" embroidered on it, folded on a white background surrounded by fantasy romance books
Image from ThreadedBySabrina on Etsy

This dreamy romantasy reader book club sweatshirt is the perfect attire for your next book club meeting or for a cozy reading session at home. $45

Image of a set of colorful tarot cards with reading prompts laid out in a circle on a pink background

Do you have an untameable TBR? Then you NEED this TBR tarot deck for romantasy readers with prompts like “choose a book with a couple on the cover” and “choose a book with multiple POVs” to help you pick your next read. $18

Image of a green t-shirt with a dragon and book illustration that says "probably reading fantasy smut novels"
Image from FINNandFABLE on Etsy

Wear your romantasy love on your sleeve with this “probably reading fantasy smut novels” tee, available in eight colors. $26+

Image of a pink sticker with a dragon that says "romantasy girlie" held up by a white hand with pink nails
Image from shopstickermefancy on Etsy

There’s no such thing as too many stickers, and this romantasy girlie sticker is a must. $4

Image of a bookmark designed to look like a movie theatre ticket that says "fantasy book club" with a list of tropes, displayed on an open book
Image from awfullynerdyco on Etsy

Add a little sparkle to your latest romantasy read with this movie theater ticket-themed bookmark. $4.50

Image of the torso of someone wearing a black sweatshirt with "in my romantasy era" embroidered across the chest and a heart with flames on the sleeve
Image from BearyCutePrints on Etsy

Whether you’re into romantasy for an era or a lifetime, this embroidered “in my romantasy era” sweatshirt is always in fashion. $59+

Image of a hand holding a glass tumbler shaped like a can with a lid and straw and a logo of a book and the phrase "romantasy book club" on the front
Image from Aubservations on Etsy

This romantasy book club glass tumbler is perfect for bringing your beverage of choice to your next readerly gathering. It’s even got a lid and straw to protect from spills when someone bashes your favorite character and things get rowdy. $20

image of a tan tote bag with a black tarot card inspired design of a woman reading a book in front of a crescent moon with the phrase "the smut reader" displayed on a wood plank wall
Image from AliasTeeUS on Etsy

Spread the smut love with this tarot card-inspired “the smut reader” tote bag. $20

An image of three candles in jars with labels reading "shadow daddy", "touch her and you die", and "romantasy reader"
Image from BriarWick on Etsy

You’ll find a variety of candles for book lovers from hand-poured soy candle maker Briar Wick. Check out this bundle for romantasy lovers, or browse their shop for your trope of choice. $60

An image of an open box stuffed with romantasy goodies including wrapped mystery books, a crown, a mug, and mystery wrapped items
Image from TheMidnightDreary on Etsy

If you want to go all-out on a gift for a romantasy reading friend (or an excellent gift for yourself), this spicy fantasy box comes with two surprise books and a variety of fun gifts. Take your pick from spicy fantasy, paranormal romance, monster, alien, and more. $90

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