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Gifts For Readers 2021: The Best Bookish Goods Under $30

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I love a good bookish gift and I also love giving good bookish gifts. While there are so many options out there, as someone who keeps a tight budget on gifting, many of the guides I peruse outside the book world in particular focus on things that are outside my tax bracket. I love my friends and family, but not $70 or $80 worth for what's essentially a stocking stuffer (I know they don't love me that much either, so it's okay). That's why a few years back I started pulling together a guide to gifts that are under $30. In this year's gifts for readers in 2021, I've got a little bit of something for everyone, ranging from fun totes to cute prints, enamel pins to fun stickers, and more.

I've kept to non-specific gifts for readers. This means they're not going to highlight a single author or book but rather encompass reading and books more broadly. I've broken the guide into three sections for those of you who may, like me, immediately look for the least pricey items. You'll find an under $10, an under $20, and a $30 and under category.

We've seen a ton of news about shipping challenges and the supply chain breakdown this year and how it might impact holiday shopping. But for small indie shops like the ones below, chances are that won't be an issue as much as the postal service might be. Thus, this guide is out in plenty of time not just for the end-of-December holidays, but also for earlier celebrations this year like Hanukkah.

Get ready to be the best gift giver without breaking the bank this year. And ps: no one will tell if you just end up getting yourself some bookish goods.

Gifts For Readers 2021: Bookish Goods Under $30

$10 and Under

Image of a sticker on a glittery purple background. The sticker has six rainbow-colored book spines, each with a fun gold design. There is a banner reading "book collector" in front of the books.

Are you or someone you know a book collector? Then this book collector sticker with its shiny, gold pops, is a must. $4

Pile of sticky note pads with colorful book graphics

How cute are these bookshelf sticky note pads? Perfect for note taking or for keeping tabs on who has borrowed your books. $3

Book stack stud earrings on book

For the earring lovers, here's a perfect set of book stack studs that would look fabulous on anyone. $8

Image of a variety of brightly colored paper products for scrap booking.

Know a scrapbooker or maybe someone with a classroom, library, or office space who likes to decorate? This downloadable file has all kinds of cool bookish prints and printables. Send the file as a gift OR send the file *and* some great cardstock for printing. $7, downloadable.

Image of a bookmark made of rainbow wire. It reads "Elle."

A personalized bookmark made of rainbow wire is such a thoughtful and long-lasting gift. $10

Image of a magnet made of Scrabble letters. The top row reads "book" and the bottom reads "nerd." It's being held by a white hand over open book pags.

Add one dash of word nerdery with the Scrabble letters and one dash of love for the words "book nerd," plus the fact this can be used to hang up all the important things makes this book nerd magnet a win. $7

A keychain featuring a cute, blue bookshop. It's on a bright pink background.

Who doesn't want an adorable bookshop keychain? $9

Image of a yellow notepad on a purple background. The notepad has white text which invite a book rating, with stars.

This reading wrap up note pad helps those who want to track their reading and thoughts old school do it with pen and paper. $5

Image of a brown rubber stamp. The image of the stamp is of a bookcase full of books.

Choose a fun color ink pad and gift it with this bookcase rubber stamp. $8 and up, depending on the stamp size (the biggest one is still under $15).

Image of five pencils in various blue shades, as well as green, pink, and white. The pencils each have a bookish phrase in gold text.

You can gift this entire set of book pencils for one person or break 'em apart and give five separate gifts, too. $9 for all five.

$20 and Under

Image of a candle on a piece of wood. The candle is in a dark jar with a cork lid. The label is a vintage style.

Candles are both the best and worst gift, aren't they? They're easy and people enjoy them, but the scent gets tricky. Fortunately, for readers, going with a "bookstore" scent is a solid bet — this Rustic Bookstore candle smells of "old books," "fire places," and "worn leather," and the jar itself is a gorgeous one begging for reuse after the candle is done. $19

Image of a black and white fabric book sleeve on a black table, beside a tea cup. The sleeve has a white layer of fabric with black triangles and a black layer of fabric with whit flowers.

Gift a gorgeous book sleeve, which will protect someone's read as they travel, be it about their house or to and from fun locales. This black and white book sleeve is a nice neutral pattern with just enough pizazz and more, it comes with a front pocket for other items. There are a few sizes to choose from, with half at the $20 and under mark and the rest all under $30.

A good book is an event in my life enamel pin

This "a good book is an event in my life" enamel pin is a win. $11

Image of a pair of library due date socks.

Keep cozy with a pair of library due date card socks. $21

image of a clear glass mug with white ghosts reading books.

These bookish ghosts make for an adorable glass mug. $12

Between the pages of a book black tote with white letters and image of book

Tote some books with this fun tote bag. $16

Image of a cream colored cross stitch. The text is in black and reads "I've Lived a Thousand Lives"

Maybe a little handmade bookish decor is the perfect gift and if so, this "I've lived a thousand lives" cross stitch is a winner. $16

Four book-shape soap bars in yellow, blue, green, and purple.

Rub a dub dub with these gorgeous book-shaped soaps. $11 for two, and you pick the colors.

$30 and Under

Image of a rose gold memo board, covered in small bookish notes and images.

I'd never think of creating a bookish inspiration and vision board, so seeing that someone created one made me gasp with the possibilities. What a gorgeous vision board with accompanying quotes and images. $26

Image of a white person with a tote bag. The canvas bag features an image of a vintage movie theater and the words "Stay up late at the book club."

The perfect vintage-style tote bag for members of the stay up late book club. $22

Image of a cream-color bodysuit for babies. In the center is a bear with blocks and it reads "bookworm in training."

For the littlest readers, this "reader in training" bodysuit is adorable. $22

Four images that feature a journal made from a vintage book. The primary color of the journal is red.

No one would turn town a new notebook, and a new notebook made from a gorgeous vintage book? Even better. $30

Image of a custom book stamp that reads "from the library of amy henderson."

Gift someone a custom book stamper so they never lose a title from their collection. If you go the route of stamp only, without a handle or ink, you'll come in at $30. Adding the handle and/or ink will still keep you under $40.

Image of a colorful poster on a green desk. The poster features 100 book covers.

Talk about a unique gift and one that's interactive. This scratch-off poster has 100 books to read across a wide variety of genres and styles. Once you've read (or scratched off) all of the books, you can then use it as art. Genius! $30

Image of seven colorful pillows, all in the shape of a library due date card.

Choose a gorgeous library due date pillow for a perfect reading nook accessory. $30

Image of seven brightly colored coasters, each with a different genre represented.

Last, but not least, coasters will never go out of style, and they'll certainly never go out of style when they're genre coasters. Set of six for $26.

Still need more gifts for readers in 2021? We've got you covered with some awesome ex libris stamps, gorgeous stationary kits, and some bookish hats.