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Gifts For Readers 2020: Excellent Bookish Ideas For Under $30

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I love a good gift guide that is realistic with budgets. For the last five years or so, I’ve done roundups of great bookish gift ideas for under $20. This year, I’m going to expand just a tiny bit. I’m bringing a wide range of gifts for readers 2020 style, with a budget maximum of $30.

The bulk of these 2020 gifts for readers will be under that $20 mark, but because I found some really cute stuff for a little more than that, the expanded price range felt necessary.

What I won’t say is the thing that annoys me most on gift guides, which is that these are all stocking stuffers. I don’t know about y’all’s families, but a stocking stuffer in my home was never more than $5 for a “big” item. Sure, some of these gifts for readers in 2020 will hit that designation or fill a need you have for a little something, but many of these are the gift themself.

I’ve broken down this list into three categories: gifts $10 and under, gifts $20 and under, and gifts $30 and under. There will be a mega list of other gift ideas at the bottom of the post, including bookish stickers, magnets, shirts, and more, and they will both fit within the $30, as well as go beyond.

Consider this your shopping list if you’re looking for gifts for readers OR consider it your wish list if you are a reader.

The Best Gifts for Readers 2020

$10 and Under Gifts for Book Lovers

Absolutely beautiful literary-inspired tea! You get to pick your love story (AKA tea blend) and the accompanying ribbon. $5.40.

Planner addict? These adorable cat stickers are perfect for marking off your reading time. $3.55.

I know so many folks for whom this pro-books, pro-feminism, pro-choice enamel pin is perfect. $10.

I love this old school book fair key chain so much. $8.50 and up.

Who doesn’t love cute sticky notes? Bonus for the rainbow bookshelf to make this set of stickies special. $3.

A sweet reading octopus tops this 50-page to-do list notepad. It could double as a to-read list easily. $8.

Your perfect pencil pouch…or bookmark storage space! $9.25.

Buy the downloadable cross stitch pattern here for $3, then add some embroidery floss, needles, and a hoop, and you have a really great DIY kit for a reader. You’ll still be at $10 or under with all of that if you shop savvy!

This downloadable bookshelf poster—$5—would be neat to print for a book lover, but if you poke around, chances are you might also be able to find an affordable frame for it and still keep this gift at around 15 bucks.

If you love magical books, you’ll love this enamel pin. $9.

The perfect magnet for romance readers. $5.

Iron on this Readers Gonna Read patch to a tote bag or denim jacket. $6.70.

A gorgeous bookworm vinyl sticker that would brighten up any reader’s day. $3.50.

This book soap is ADORABLE. $10.

$20 and Under Gifts for Book Lovers

Such a pretty and unique book elastic band bookmark. $18.

Personalized astronomy bookplates for star lovers. $22.50 for a pack of 25.

Gift this sweet cat and books camping mug for your favorite feline fanatic. $17.50.

Slip on some sweet Black superhero socks. $20.

If you love wine, you’ll love this book nerd wine tumbler. And here’s a little tip I learned from a fellow Rioter: if you’re NOT a wine drinker but like hot tea, wine tumblrs make for good hot tea toting, since the hole at the top allows the drink to cool off a bit (as opposed to remaining scalding hot, as hot beverage holders can too often do!). $16.40.

A library date due card light switch cover would be super cute in someone’s personal home library. $14 and up.

Hook some books to your ears with these sweet earrings. $19 and up.

This old timey book shoppe enamel pin checks all my boxes. $11.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a reader who wouldn’t love a personalized book stamp for marking their collection. $18.

For the book lover who also loves puzzles, Galison (AKA the best puzzle maker) has a book club–themed puzzle. $17.

A fun and fancy panda bookmark. $16.

A fun rainbow keychain. $12.

$30 and Under Gifts for Book Lovers

This is the cutest book sleeve I’ve ever seen. Great for keeping paperbacks and hardcovers safe. $25.

A solar light to fuel those up-all-night reading sessions. $30.

The Venn Diagram of “book lover” and “notebook lover” is close to a perfect circle. This gorgeous, fancy constellation notebook would be a great gift. $28.

Another great book-themed puzzle option is this one, especially for readers who love dogs. $25.

Indeed, the perfect T-shirt for librarians and library lovers. $25.

Make your look a little more dapper with this book-themed bow tie. $23.

Who doesn’t need a solid tote bag? This one is a reminder of all those times you’ve stayed up too late reading a book (and regret nothing!). $22.

For adventure seekers and outdoor lovers, these mountain bookends would make a tremendous gift. $25.

I’m cheating a tiny bit here, since this comes in at $33. But for readers who love good ambiance, snag this set of 5 bookish candles. You can personalize the gift box, too.

With the strength of any super heroine, this one will hold your books in place. $25 for a unique bookend/shelf.

Get cozy with this “just one more chapter” book throw pillow. $27 and up, depending on size.

Get or give the gift of cozy with this cute book throw blanket. $30.

For some more great gifts for readers, try these out, too: